3 Top Benefits of Magento SEO Services


Having an eCommerce website is like having your own storefront in a city. You have unlimited potential clients and captured customers—but only if they set foot in your store.

Few things are more discouraging for a business owner than opening a store and then seeing it empty of customers.

In Magento eCommerce online stores, this is where Magento SEO services come highly valued. SEO is the difference between anonymity and visibility.

If no one is discovering your Magento store online where there’s an endless supply of customers, you can lean on SEO to help your Magento website occupy the most valuable real estate on search engine results. And with Magento being one of the most search engine-friendly eCommerce platforms, you can.

1. Drive organic traffic to your website
One way Magento SEO experts can boost traffic to your site is through keyword research. Researching and evaluating keywords and key phrases that people enter into search engines will help your business establish brand keywords and use the same to build all your Magento SEO campaigns on.

Keyword research can uncover queries that your target customers are using and provide you with information on what they are looking for. The knowledge you gain from these organic search phrases can help you expand your reach, increase your traffic, and inform your overall marketing plan.

2. Boost your search engine rankings
When most people start a new website or a new eCommerce store, they expect it to gain popularity and rank well in search engines. After all, they have the best product anyone can find on the market. When you’re just starting, however, it can be difficult to gain any traction in Google.

SEO is a long-term strategy and not one-time marketing to promote your business. Continuous investment in SEO is the key to ranking high on Google and availing of SEO services from an agency is the perfect solution for this.

An SEO agency can improve your Magento store’s search engine rankings through technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. Some of the things they can do so your website can start reaping the benefits of SEO include the following:

● Optimize title tags
● Write clear and keyword-rich meta tags
● Build backlinks
● Remove duplicate content
● Improve user experience through the following:
○ Page load speed
○ Page layout and navigation system
○ Check out process
○ Mobile view options
○ etc
● Create relevant content
● Optimize product pages
● Boost social media signals
● And more

3. Strengthen local SEO
Magento sites and stores could also benefit from local SEO. There are multiple ways you can augment your local SEO performance and one of them is by building citations.

Building and maintaining local citations is a critical aspect of local SEO. Local citations, like backlinks, serve as “votes” in Google. If your site gets enough votes, Google starts to trust all those reports of business name, address, and phone as facts. You’ll build your credibility in Google.

So, when a searcher uses local keywords, you’ll have a better chance of ranking for the Google Local Pack.

The Google Local Pack is a part of the Google search results page found on the top. It highlights three local businesses relevant to the keyword used in the search. It usually features a map with markings for the locations of businesses that answers the local keywords used.

If you have a solid number of citations, not only will more people find your business on Google Search and Maps, your site will also have more authority, resulting in more organic search results.

A Magento SEO company can help you build citations for your site and maintain those citations so they’re always free from errors and inaccuracies that can hurt your SEO.

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