How Can Investing in BigCommerce SEO Services Amplify Your Brand?


Branding is an important part of building an eCommerce business. This is how you differentiate yourself from your competitors while connecting with your target audience.

BigCommerce SEO Services are one of the best ways to grow your brand if you are trying to strengthen your online presence and make more money. For BigCommerce merchants that are looking for actionable ways to expand and overtake their competitors, the right marketing approach is key.

Why Do You Need SEO?
Let’s begin with the obvious question, why SEO specifically and not another form of digital marketing? The truth is that search engine optimization is now considered the primary pillar of marketing for most online businesses. Of course, there is always going to be some variation, but for the most part, this is the core you should be focusing on.

The big draw of SEO is that it will help your online store appear higher in the Google search results. This equals greater visibility and more traffic.

Marketing is all about getting your brand or products in front of more eyes. There are “in your face” ways of doing this, like with paid ads. However, SEO is what will get you a broader and more consistent form of visibility throughout the web.

●Appear more often in local listings.
●Google will feel comfortable showing your products in the organic product displays.
●You will begin to acquire rich snippets, which users love to see.
●Your brand name will be populated throughout the Web via press releases, off-site blogs, and other forms of quality content distribution.
●You will have a better shot at appearing in Google Images.
●Users looking for helpful information in your industry will have a greater chance to land on your website if you are producing informative blog content.

Sure, a display ad that gets shoved in a user’s face might get you recognized and may even result in a sale, but there’s something infinitely more comfortable and attractive about appearing in organic search results and having users click on your website of their own volition. Once you begin to appear more frequently for high-volume keywords in your industry, your brand appeal will skyrocket.

Google naturally conveys authority on the Web. Love them or hate them, this point can’t be argued. So the best way to use this fact to your advantage is to invest in the right BigCommerce SEO services that will enable you to rank higher and appear in more searches. A simple formula that can have dramatic results for the growth of your eCommerce business.

An SEO Plan That’s Right For You
No two BigCommerce stores are the same, and that means each business needs a different marketing plan.

At 1Digital®, you will be able to get a BigCommerce SEO strategy built for you from the ground up, based on your industry, store size, and unique business goals.

If you truly want to grow your online store and become more visible, you don’t want a cheap or cookie-cutter SEO plan. Even if you don’t have much competition in your niche, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. You need a customized marketing strategy that is fine-tuned for your business.

1Digital® is an SEO agency specializing in the BigCommerce platform. They are highly-regarded as some of the best eCommerce SEO Agency in the market. They work closely with clients to develop powerful custom campaigns that can help boost organic traffic, brand awareness, and overall store quality.

If you want what’s best for your BigCommerce website, get in touch with 1Digital® today and take advantage of their top-rated BigCommerce SEO services.


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