How to Choose the Best eCommerce SEO Agency for Your Company: 10 (Relatively) Easy Steps


Despite what you may have heard, SEO remains as important, if not more important, in 2022 than it has ever been before.

One of the undisputed keys to success in digital marketing is showing up in the organic search results.

The best eCommerce SEO agency can help you get there. But which is the best? That may mean different things to different businesses.

Well, this short guide should help you get there.

1.Define your goals.
What is it, specifically, that you want to accomplish? Do you want to drive revenue, sales or conversions? Do you want to develop a more robust account of leads, or for lead generation? Are you looking to push foot traffic to your physical storefront? You must answer these questions before you can choose an eCommerce SEO agency.

2.Determine which aspect of SEO your business needs most (or start with an eCommerce SEO audit to determine it).
There are four main components of SEO, generally speaking. Technical SEO, on and off-page SEO, and content. Go with an agency that specializes in your area of greatest need, or start with a free eCommerce SEO audit to show you what it is.

3.Perform some of your own tests by searching for SEO agencies in Google. The “best” eCommerce SEO agencies will mostly be at the top of the results.
SEO agencies must be able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Perform some searches for “eCommerce SEO agency,” “SEO agency,” “SEO agency in [your city,” and keywords like that. The best ones should be ranking organically at the top of the results.

4.Choose the top two or three that are proficient in your industry.
Simple, easy, straightforward. Pick a couple to investigate more closely, don’t set your heart on one eCommerce SEO company just yet.

5.Now, pick one that has proven success working with your specific eCommerce platform.
Is your website on WordPress? BigCommerce? Magento? Shopify? You should choose one that has demonstrated success with your specific platform.

6.Look for evidence of success with past clients (case studies, white papers, press releases, reports).
Figures don’t lie. Look for detailed reports, case studies with data, or other indicators that the SEO strategies authored by these agencies actually work for real-life eCommerce businesses.

7.Gather customer feedback, either in the form of reviews or testimonials.
You don’t want simply to sip from the chalice of that business’s own content marketing. Find out what customers say. Read the reviews on the agency website, but look for disinterested third-party reviews, too, as these may be more honest.

8.Snoop their socials.
If you want to see how active the agency is in its industry, or how well it communicates with clients and addresses customer concerns, you may be able to find that on their social accounts.

9.Start the talks, ask questions about what successes you can expect, and how the process works (prepare for a long-term game).
The next step is actually getting in touch with the agencies that meet all the other requirements. Ask them any questions you have and pay close attention to how they field your concerns. Are they glossing over them, or providing meaningful, well-considered answers?

Never work with one that brushes off your objections or questions.

10.Sign on with the one that inspires you with the most confidence.
After you’ve vetted your top two or three potential partners to take you on for eCommerce SEO services or other marketing strategies, you need to make a decision.

The best rule here is to trust your gut. Don’t go with any agencies that don’t make you feel confident in the marketing campaign they’re promising to develop for your online store.

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