Why a Shopify SEO Expert Will Pay for Itself


As an entrepreneur, it’s almost doubtless that you wear many hats. You may not only fill the role of chief executive officer, but also of chief bookkeeper, customer service specialist, procurement analyst, financial advisor, and of course, as chief marketer.

Wearing so many hats can get pretty hairy (if you’ll excuse the pun) considering the fact that specialization arises from familiarity, and the more time you can commit to a process, the more easily you will master it.

So if your eCommerce business is squared on Shopify, it makes sense to hire Shopify marketing experts instead of trying to do everything yourself. As you’ll find out, a Shopify SEO expert will pay for itself in short order.

General Technical Expertise and Familiarity with the Platform
First and possibly most importantly, a Shopify SEO expert will be able to leverage countless years of experience to the benefit of your business. They’re technical experts with a deep understanding of Shopify’s back end and all of the technical ranking factors that make it up.

Not sure how to edit metadata or how to optimize title tags? Need to implement a new site structure that is more SEO friendly? Need to minify code but not sure what you can remove without “breaking” your site? You may not know how – but a Shopify SEO expert does.

Keeping up with Industry Best Practices
Shopify SEO experts do this for a living – that is, they follow Shopify and Google updates very closely. Your full time job is running your business profitably, and theirs is knowing what’s up and down with SEO and with Shopify.

You can’t be expected to keep quite on top of yearly or monthly – if not more frequent – developments, but an expert provider of Shopify SEO services will.

Proprietary Tools and Analytics
Shopify SEO experts will also have developed proprietary tools that they can use to track keyword fluctuations, technical adjustments, and user behavior, among other metrics. While many SEO experts will offer their own tools for monitoring the performance of your SEO projects, they’ll also bring with them a deep understanding of, and familiarity with, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which, though they are not proprietary, can be a little less than intuitive to use.

Shopify SEO Experts Will not Just Increase Traffic – They Will Improve It
Another great thing about working with experts for your SEO campaign is that they won’t simply drive traffic to your online store. Well, they will – but they will also improve it.

What we mean is, specifically, by targeting the best keywords and search terms with closely aligned search intent, a Shopify SEO expert can attract better qualified leads to your online store, which in turn will equate to higher conversion rates and sales.

The Right Team Can Open the Door to Additional Marketing Opportunities
Additionally, a Shopify specialist will pay for itself because SEO strategies don’t often work alone. There are plenty of other lucrative marketing strategies to develop, including but not limited to PPC, email marketing, social media management and content marketing as well. A skilled digital marketing team will be able to develop a custom plan for you, incorporating all of these facets.

The point here is that you have enough hats to wear already. Slim down your wardrobe and hand one of them off. Or work with a team that already has a fleet of pros wearing “Shopify SEO Expert” hats. They’ll optimize your Shopify store, pushing your listing to the tops of the search results while driving organic traffic and sales.

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