5 Ways BigCommerce SEO Experts Can Accelerate Your Growth


SEO is critical to the success of any BigCommerce business, not only because it can help you increase your visibility and reach online, but also because it can help you increase sales by driving more traffic to your site, giving you more opportunities to convert leads into customers, and providing you with the tools you need to boost conversion rates.

You can do your own SEO for your website but if you want better results, hiring BigCommerce SEO experts who have a strong understanding of BigCommerce platform as well as SEO trends and best practices is the smart thing to do.

So here are 5 ways hiring SEO experts can help you and your BigCommerce business.

1. Rank Higher on Google
When was the last time you checked the second page or even the bottom of the first page of your search results in Google? Probably never.

That’s how important ranking high on Google and other search engines is. If you can reach the top of the first page of Google search results, then your business’ rapid growth is almost guaranteed.

With a bit of research and good content, for example, you can possibly do this yourself. However, getting on the top only gets you halfway to success. Staying on the top is where the real battle is.

SEO is not just a one-time digital marketing strategy. It’s a continuous process and effort so you can maintain your ranking position.

An SEO expert will help you rank higher so you get more organic traffic and leads, and then make sure your website adapts to algorithm changes and beat competitors consistently so you always rank better.

2. Extensive Keyword Research
Because it serves as a meeting point between a user’s query and your products and services, keywords hold the key to your improved ranking and increased organic traffic.

An SEO expert can perform in-depth keyword research analyzing the effectiveness of your current keywords and that of your competitors’ keywords to give your Big Commerce business the competitive edge.

3. Positive User Experience
SEO can help you create a positive user experience. Your website’s user experience is a ranking signal. When your website is helpful, simple to use, and enjoyable to interact with, then you can keep your users happy and engaged with your brand.

Some of the factors that affect user experience include page load speed and site structure. SEO can increase the load speed of your website by eliminating unnecessary elements of your pages.

SEO professionals will look at your plugins, images, page redirects, and scripts among others to improve the time it takes for your pages to load.

A clear navigational structure will also not just improve user experience but also help Google in determining what your page is about and ranking it accordingly.

An SEO expert can help you with both so that visitors to your website will only have a pleasant experience with your site.

4. Product Pages Optimization
Aside from optimizing home pages, category pages, and content pages, it’s also a good SEO practice to optimize product pages.

An SEO expert can help you optimize your product pages so that you can quickly convert customers who already know what they want.

A well-optimized product page uses, keywords, among others, to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

5. Link Building
Your SEO consultant should help you build backlinks as an off-page SEO strategy. Backlinks are a ranking factor in Google, so the more high-quality backlinks your website has, the more authority Google will give your site.

A good backlinking strategy involves white hat SEO techniques that won’t give your website a bad reputation or get you banned on Google.

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