How Shopify Web Design Impacts User Experience and Behavior


Shopify may be very user-friendly and enable you to make fairly extensive changes. Without knowing code, you can change the layout and the user interface by simply altering the Shopify theme or the arrangement of elements.

However, these native features of Shopify only make it easier for users to create a stunning Shopify web design. Success is not built in, and must be created with a unique, attractive web design, which will provide the following benefits.

1.Your Shopify web design impacts user navigation and thus conversions
One of the most significant impacts that web design has on the user experience is in navigation. Where and how search features, menus and categories are arranged and presented on your website has one of the most impactful effects on user behavior. It is, effectively, how users will get to the pages that cause them to convert – or, in unfortunate cases, how they will fail to get there.

2.The arrangement of content on your website can be highly useful to visitors
Content, that is, high-value content that provides original information that customers are seeking, is a conversion booster. Your visitors might be looking for tips and tricks for how to use your products, how to care for them, or even reviews. How and where this content is placed on your website, along with how accessible it is, are all extremely important and will affect UX and by extension, conversions and sales.

3.Web design that promotes custom tools and functionality can foster conversions and diminish bounce
Your Shopify website design will also affect how and when customers interact with the tools on your website, if they do at all. If you’ve had custom tools and apps developed, you want customers to interact with them, don’t you? Without an insightful design that allows users to navigate to these tools, they won’t get used, and UX will suffer.

4.A visually stunning website encourages user engagement and builds trust with your brand
Your website design is also an avenue for brand integration and a perfect channel for bolstering the value of your portfolio. How and what themes you use, what colors are present in the text and imagery on your website, and what visual aids and photography you use will all impact your brand – for better or for worse.

5.Responsive design – one aspect of Shopify web design – impacts the behavior of mobile shoppers
Online commerce has become mobile commerce. The overwhelming majority of online shoppers either shop entirely on their mobile devices or at least partially on them. Without a mobile design, UX will suffer, no matter what. This doesn’t mean you don’t need a wisely designed desktop interface. You do; but you also need a responsive design that scales well to tinier, mobile screens.

6.A custom design gives you the ability to showcase high quality, original product imagery and photos
Another manner in which a custom design can impact your UX and user behavior is with the ability to showcase original product photography or user-generated content. Both of these forms of content are extremely valuable to potential customers, with user generated content, like reviews and customer images, being the most trusted and sought-after of all forms of content. A custom design that showcases them will engage customers and encourage trust in the brand.

Shopify may give you the ability to make easy and efficient changes to your theme and overall web design, but for those of you that are after a professional touch, There’s Only 1DigitalⓇ Agency. Since 2012, 1DigitalⓇ has been producing stunning, highly-innovative web designs for clients on Shopify, in all industries. Check out their website,, to see their portfolio – or call them at 888-982-8269 to get started revolutionizing your Shopify website.


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