Shopify SEO Services: Are They Worth the Investment?


Having your own online store is an experience that is riddled with big decisions, ones that you need to carefully deliberate and ensure will lead to the success of your business. One wrong choice and that could lead to detrimental outcomes. One such perplexing decision is choosing a company or agency that can provide you with Shopify SEO services.

As many eCommerce businesses utilize Shopify to host their online business (actually, 1.75 million merchants to be exact), it is well-known to be one of the most beneficial platforms in eCommerce. But, are using services for your SEO in Shopify worth the investment?

A lot of online merchants ask themselves this question– and make the assumption that they’re not. However, you need to spend money to make money, as they say– and we believe that is indeed worth the investment (when you choose correctly, of course).

What Do Good Shopify SEO Services Entail?
Before you go out and invest in just any services from any company for your Shopify store, you need to know what these services typically entail (when they’re good) and what they can offer you and your business.

Website and Content Audits
Creating and running your own website is by no means an easy task. You can’t simply create it and its components one time, then go about your life, never managing it again. It needs to be continually updated and monitored for broken links and other features, but also for pages that might not sit well with your audience (leading to increased bounce rates, lower on-page times, etc.).

Actual good services offered by knowledgeable companies will keep an eye on your Shopify website and audit it continuously along with its content.

Keyword Research
When it comes to your content and your website, you need to make sure you reach the right audience– but you also need to make sure you reach an audience at all! That is what a diligently-run keyword research campaign can provide you.

Those operating the keyword research can find the keywords that will actually make your website and business stand out! If you use keywords that are overused and oversaturated, it is likely you won’t make it to page 1 of Google search results.

That is why keyword research is so “key”: it weeds out those oversaturated keywords and finds ones with just enough traffic and search intent for you to use. That way, you will be far more likely to make it to page 1 of Google search results– and gain that desired clientele!

Unique Content Creation
The content on your website needs to be specifically catered to your business and tell your business’ story. It shouldn’t simply regurgitate what other businesses similar to yours claim or boast on their own websites. That would get you penalized by Google, for one, and for two, it wouldn’t actually grab your audience’s attention! You’d simply be one of many.

You want unique content throughout your website– from product pages to blog posts– for those exact reasons. After all, don’t you want to be different from everyone else?

Link Building
Building authority in your business is one of the most important steps in becoming a successful online business– and that includes your link building. These services, if they are in fact good, should be building those links for you so customers (and Google) actually see you as a knowledgeable resource in your niche.

Monitoring Google Analytics and Google Search Console
Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive collections of data for your business’ metrics around. But, quite honestly, who can really make sense out of everything that site throws at you? Those who run the best SEO services for Shopify can (and should). Then, they can take that information and run with it, bringing you the most business results imaginable!

It can be hard to find the best Shopify SEO services worthy of your investment nowadays, but we have made that search easy on you and have found the one and only option: 1Digital® Agency. 1Digital® is a leader in the digital marketing game, and that certainly includes SEO services for Shopify businesses.

And, before you ask, yes– they offer all the aforementioned services and then some! Browse their many eCommerce SEO services today or give them a call at 888-982-8269!


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