What is new in Shopify for ecommerce websites


Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce hosting platforms used by an overwhelming majority of online stores. One of the alluring benefits of Shopify is the possibility to develop a great online store with a throw away budget. The vast online community support to users is a wonderful feature that will help you optimize several features of your stores on a continuous basis. Here I have covered some latest updates to the Shopify platform that can immensely benefit your business in today’s competitive environment.

Shopify App Bridge
With Shopify App Bridge, you can directly embed your app inside the Shopify POS and the Shopify Admin. This will help create a much better and more familiar user experience for Shopify merchants.

Performance of your online store
Merchants can now easily the report on the speed of their online store to check how well their store is doing and get to know the factors that are impacting their store speed negatively. Some of the insights you will gain from this include app install and uninstall events so that you will know which apps are slowing down your store speed.

App store ads
Recently, Shopify has launched ads on Shopify App Store so that the store developers will find one another channel to enhance their user experience and also make your store discoverable online among the targeted audience.

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program
One of the incredible support to the app developers, The Shopify Plus Certified App Program can help build some incredibly useful apps that can help merchants avail of technical solutions for their complex businesses.

Improved Shopify POS
By way of navigating the reality of today, the enhanced Shopify POS helps merchants set up highly impactful and creative integrations. This is a big opportunity for developers.

The Shopify App Challenge
Shopify announced the Shopify App Challenge in April to help the developers build new and creative apps.

Shopify Reunite
During May 2020, Shopify conducted its first ever broadcast event targeting the Shopify owners. Reunite was an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come together and learn ways to align their businesses to Shopify’s mission. The forum also successfully shared its vision for the future of ecommerce.

The Shopify App CLI tool
A command line tool from Shopify, the Shopify App CLI supports the developers with ways to quicken the app development process. This is done by removing the hurdles to the development process especially when the developers start developing a new app.

Checkout apps and Shopify Subscription APIs
In October 2020 Shopify announced its first APIs that can help partners and developers directly build new subscription experiences within Shopify Checkout. It has also launched a suite of upselling and subscription apps that can work in an integrated fashion with Shopify Checkout.

Integration with AWS EventBridge
By integrating with EventBridge from Amazon, Shopify lets you receive Shopify web hooks by way of employing an event bus. This will help you build scalable system and also minimize the cost of infrastructure.

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