Is WordPress Worth It? What WordPress SEO Experts Have to Say

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Let’s be frank: running an online business is not easy. Regardless of the nature of your online business, there is a whole lot that needs to be done to prepare for its opening and to monitor it consistently. One of the biggest moves that you can make when setting it all up, however, is choosing the right location to host your website.

There are numerous out there to choose from, but among the most popular are WordPress, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and WiX. All of these platforms have commonalities and differences, so it’s important you research each and every one before deciding.

WordPress in particular is one of the best of the best. But, you may be wondering, is it really worth it? What makes it just so “incredible” at the end of the day? Well, we thought the same thing and wanted answers, so we spoke with a WordPress SEO expert over at Genius eCommerce to get to the bottom of it. Here is what we spoke about.

First of all, what is WordPress?
WordPress is an open-source content management system that was first released on May 23, 2007. It’s quickly become a very common place for eCommerce businesses to host their website, as they offer a plethora of themes, designs, plug-ins, and other useful features. It even allows you to customize your website using code if you so chose.

How many people use WordPress?
In 2022, it was found by W3Techs that 43.2% of all websites on the internet today use WordPress. It’s responsible for 455,000 websites across the internet alone and even was responsible for 37% of the top million websites last year (2021). It’s been estimated that about 500 websites are created per day on WordPress! Simply put, a whole lot of people are using WordPress!

What are the advantages of choosing WordPress over other competitors?
WordPress offers a wide range of advantages to anyone using its services. Here are just a few:

Cost-friendly: WordPress is known to be one of the most affordable platforms available, as they have plans that range in price, starting at absolutely free and above. No matter your budget, they have something for you.

User-friendly: Its dashboard intuitive is simple to follow for anyone and you can personalize it to fit your specific needs. You can also navigate through and seamlessly create blog posts, content, podcasts, images, and so much more.

Great for SEO: Google and other search engines simply love WordPress (likely due to many reasons, one of which being its authority). Because they love it so dearly, you can increase your site’s SEO value!

Easy upgrades: Whenever you are looking to upgrade your online store, you can do so with ease.

Accessible on all devices: We know that not everyone is on their desktop anymore. People are on their tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches. You want your site to be clearly visibile and navigable no matter which device your clients are on, which WordPress does for you seamlessly.

In your opinion, is WordPress worth it?
In my expert opinion, I wholeheartedly recommend WordPress and believe that it is worth the investment for anyone serious about their online business!

Are there any services that you offer to help people make their investment in WordPress even more profitable?
There sure are! At Genius eCommerce, our team of WordPress SEO experts makes every client’s business our business. We work diligently to bring you the most success imaginable! Browse our customizable campaign offerings today or send us an email at [email protected].


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