eCommerce PPC Tips that Will Improve Your Marketing Strategy


Are you getting enough traffic and sales? If not, you may have to tweak your marketing strategy in order to stretch your ad budget or reach a different, more targeted audience.

While it’s true that eCommerce success doesn’t come easy, there are steps you can take in order to get more value out of your eCommerce PPC ads. If you intend on growing your business, you may want to consider hiring a qualified digital marketing agency that specializes in managing professional advertising campaigns, but the following tips will at least get you on the right track.

Tip #1: Work on Your Targeting
It doesn’t really matter what platform you are on, this tip still applies. Facebook, Google, Amazon, each of these platforms may have different features and ways of serving ads, but they all have one thing in common: targeting options.

If you are not getting the proper results from your eCommerce PPC campaigns, chances are you aren’t paying enough attention to the quality of your targeting. If you are targeting the wrong audience, either many of your clicks will result in bounces, or you won’t get many clicks at all because your ads will be served to the wrong people.

You also want to refine your targeting because this is a common area where you can lose a lot of money if you aren’t careful. Improper advertising can result in a ton of clicks that don’t result in any sales, so make sure you take enough time to carefully understand all of the targeting options that your platform allows, and then go from there. You will know if you hit a sweet spot with your targeting because your CPC will go down and you will start seeing better results overall.

Tip #2: Update Your Copy
It should go without saying that quality marketing copy is the heart of most digital marketing campaigns. If your copy is weak, there’s a likelihood that your ads will underperform. Attractive sales copy is what draws people to your offerings and entices them to click.

This isn’t only the case on platforms like Google that are purely text-based. You also want to make sure that if you are advertising on platforms like Facebook or other places that utilize visuals, that your ad copy is still relevant, optimized, and as succinct as possible. Your ad copy should be easy to read, informative, optimized with relevant keywords, and free of any grammatical errors.

Tip #3: Allocate Your Budget Accordingly
Knowing how to make proper use of your ad budget is one of the underrated aspects of managing an effective eCommerce PPC campaign. For instance, an ad group might be underperforming not because of weak copy but simply because it doesn’t have enough budget behind it. Alternatively, you may want to shift your ad budget around depending on current trends that you are picking up on from your audience.

These tips are only surface-level suggestions for improving your marketing campaigns, but they could have a positive effect. If you want to get even better results, however, you are going to want to contact a professional digital marketing agency that knows how to build strategic PPC plans based on your specific needs.

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