Get More Organic Traffic With a Qualified Shopify SEO Expert


Even with the advent of social media and all of the benefits it provides, as well as paid advertising options out there, organic traffic is still integral to the success of any online business.

For eCommerce stores specifically, you will want to make sure that you always have a steady stream of foot traffic visiting your website at all times. With the help of the right Shopify SEO expert, this is entirely possible.

If you have been on the fence about hiring a qualified team of experts to handle your digital marketing and search engine optimizations, this short resource will help you see why it’s basically an essential part of growing your eCommerce store at this point.

Organic Traffic Doesn’t Come Easy
The key reason why you may need a professional hand when it comes to improving your organic metrics is simply that great rankings on Google don’t come easy anymore.

It used to be that anyone with a bit of basic SEO knowledge could make a few changes to their website, often by stuffing meta data with a bunch of keywords, and in no time at all you would appear on page one. Those days are behind us now, as SEO has become incredibly competitive, especially for eCommerce businesses.

Think about it like this: the top 3 to 5 positions on the first page of Google take home the lion’s share of the traffic. However, you are competing with hundreds of other businesses for those spots, not to mention bloggers, reviewers, and news sources as well, that could capture top positions based on the way a certain keyword is phrased.

This puts eCommerce merchants in a tough spot. How do you rank your Shopify store if you are competing against the likes of Amazon, eBay, and popular online publications as well? To say nothing of your local competitors.

Before even starting to contemplate what has to go into such a strategy, you need to approach SEO with the right mindset. Your website has to provide the user with a top-notch experience, and the keywords that you select have to be within reach, relevant to your business, and suitable for eCommerce search intent as well.

This makes it obvious that in order to get the right kind of results, you will need the help of a Shopify SEO expert, that will be able to carefully plan out a custom strategy that takes advantage of rare keyword opportunities that haven’t been utilized yet. Choosing the right keywords could have incredible implications for the success of your marketing efforts, which is why you don’t want to leave this area without professional assistance.

From here, you have to factor in your content strategy, website improvements, and backlinks. How do you plan on approaching all of these areas without a team of SEO professionals behind you?

The answer to your traffic issues isn’t to spin your wheels trying to become a one-man marketing team. It makes far more sense to invest in a qualified Shopify SEO agency that not only has the skills to implement what you need, but a specific eCommerce background that will enable them to create a custom campaign for your industry.

This is why you should contact Genius eCommerce®. They are Shopify specialists that know their way around an SEO campaign. With a team of eCommerce experts, they carefully construct SEO strategies based on each unique client they take on. If you are trying to get more organic traffic visiting your website, Genius eCommerce® is the agency you want handling any of your Shopify SEO efforts.

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