5 Ways to Evaluate an eCommerce SEO Company

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Organic marketing strategies like eCommerce SEO can benefit eCommerce businesses in all industries. There are very few other strategies that can as effectively improve your online store’s visibility, brand image, and boost organic traffic, online sales, and conversion rates.

Many eCommerce sites choose to work eCommerce SEO companies to improve their technical SEO, optimize their eCommerce stores for select target keywords, build backlinks, and more.

Working with eCommerce SEO experts offers a scalable solution for attracting new potential customers to an online store.

But how do online entrepreneurs go about selecting eCommerce SEO agencies? Here are some of the ways they evaluate them.

1. Age and experience 
Industries like this one – eCommerce – in which there are constantly shifting trends and moving pieces offer a lot of opportunities for new businesses. Consequently, there are new names and agencies cropping up on the regular.

This isn’t to suggest that some of the new players might not be exemplary in their respective areas of expertise, but if you’re seriously thinking about hiring an agency for eCommerce SEO services, a good general piece of advice is to hire one that’s been around a while.

The longer an agency has been around, the more time it has taken to develop a watertight process, and the more likely it will be to deliver results.

2. Certifications (where applicable)
Although they are not directly related to SEO, there are a number of relevant certifications that agencies or their employees might have.

For instance, Google certifies individuals and agencies based on their proficiency with Google Ads and Google Analytics. Select eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce certify partners based on their aptitude with the platform’s intricacies.

Web design, paid ads, and Google Analytics are all related, albeit tangentially, to SEO – so these certifications might be valuable.

3. Customer reviews and testimonials 
Customer reviews and testimonials are your greatest (potential) source of information about what the customer experience is really like.

Obviously, you don’t want to work with an agency that is up to its neck in negative reviews and testimonials but don’t automatically choose one that has a 5-star average.

That’s a good place to start, but you should still read between the lines and look for softer feedback regarding communication, reporting, and so on and so forth. That experience might be yours soon!

4. Case studies or client portfolios
If you’re looking for actual analytical insight into how well the agency in question runs its eCommerce SEO campaigns, then check the agency website for a collection of case studies or client portfolios.

These are often full of legitimate figures about client success, and in the case of a portfolio, can offer suggestions of the agency’s creative inclinations or proficiency with design tools or even with a specific eCommerce platform.

5. Natural organic rankings 
Finally, you need to ascertain whether or not the agency in question can walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.

Look them up in the organic SERPs using competitive keywords like “eCommerce SEO company,” “local SEO company near me,” “SEO services,” “SEO agency,” or others like it.

You can even get creative looking them up with industry-specific keywords, such as “SEO for fashion,” or “SEO for BBQ companies.”

Generally, good advice is to select an agency that appears on page one for those keywords. These literally are the services they’ll be selling you, so if they don’t show up at the top, they won’t be able to deliver results for your online store.

Working with an eCommerce SEO Company to Generate Higher Organic Traffic and Sales in the Long Term
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