8 Dos and Don’ts of Running a Successful Shopify Store


Your online business deserves the best, which is precisely why you have chosen to work with Shopify to make that magic happen. However, with well over a million other merchants on the platform, you need to ensure that you are playing your part to stand out above your competitors.

And that is what we aim to help you tackle today by highlighting a few key pointers to keep in mind when creating your Shopify store (and managing it). Whether you yourself are a Shopify SEO expert or not, you should follow these eight “dos” and “don’ts” of running a Shopify store.

Do: Create an Attractive and Coherent Interface
If your website is an eyesore, your desired clients are far more likely to bounce than stick around and shop. That is why you should focus on creating a site that will be enticing to your audience. Make sure that all is simple to navigate and that all the colors included are directly in line with your branding.

Don’t: Use Too Many Features, Apps, or Blinding Colors
We know that Shopify offers countless exciting features and apps available to use on your website. However, that doesn’t mean you should use them all at once! If you do, this will drastically reduce your client’s desire to click around (and hopefully make a purchase).

The same goes with your color scheme. Don’t be tacking on electric blue, neon yellow, and lime green attributes throughout your site, for example. As mentioned above, keep all the colors on-brand but not so blinding that you’ll give your visitors a migraine!

Do: Make It Easy for Customers to Browse and Purchase
Is there really anything more irksome when wandering about a website and you can’t understand the navigation, find your shopping cart, or even figure out how to make a purchase? We really don’t think so (and yours truly is quite the online shopper!).

Make your site easy to navigate, to add items to the cart, to learn about your business, to contact you, and, of course, to make purchases.

Don’t: Spam Potential Clients with Ads and Pop-ups
While you know you aren’t a spammy business, your clients won’t know that; they only can make that assumption based on your website. Don’t allow them the chance to think that way about your business.

Make sure your website isn’t looking too spammy (Look here! Click here! Buy this! etc.) and keep the pop-ups to an absolute minimum (if not get rid of them altogether).

Do: Add a Live Online Communication Feature
As mentioned above, you need to make communication between your business and clients easy– and that certainly includes online chat options. Include a live online chat in order to ease the communication barrier between buyer and seller.

Don’t: Leave SEO High and Dry
Ever heard the rumor that “SEO is dead”? Well, that’s just a rumor because SEO is alive and well! Don’t forget to add in good SEO practices, such as keywords research, keywords (longtail especially), category pages, optimized blog, etc.

Do: Add Attractive and High-Quality Images
Images are a key ingredient in your online store’s successful stew. You need to add these into your site, but make sure that they are both high-quality and attractive to really draw your customers in and properly portray your brand.

Don’t: Forget to Reach Out for Outside Help
Running your own eCommerce store nowadays is undeniably tricky as competition is tough. That is why you should consider the option of asking for outside help, such as from a team of dedicated and knowledgeable Shopify SEO experts. And, when looking for the best, trust no one other than the digital marketing industry leader 1Digital® Agency.

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