Don’t Ignore Your Magento SEO [3 Key Reasons]


Are you looking for ways to improve your Magento website? Are you concerned about the amount of traffic you are receiving and the number of organic sales you are getting?

You aren’t alone. Even a great eCommerce platform like Magento needs some TLC when it comes to digital marketing. You need a solid Magento SEO strategy backed by thorough keyword research and attention to detail when it comes to on-site technical updates and link building.

For store owners curious about how to promote their website as best as possible and climb the SERPs, this quick resource is for you. Don’t ignore the following 3 points no matter what angle you are approaching your eCommerce marketing from.

Are You Targeting The Right Keywords?
To start off, you want to make sure you are targeting the right keywords if you want to manage a successful Magento SEO campaign. You can’t just create SEO content for the sake of it, there needs to be a proper strategy behind everything you do. This is where many digital marketers slip up.

To provide the web crawlers with the right context for your Magento store, you need to select your keywords based on factors such as buyer intent, keyword difficulty, relevance to your sub-niche, and how much traffic the keyword gets. It can be difficult to decipher some of these points on your own without a skilled marketing team behind you, which is one reason to consider hiring an eCommerce marketing company if you want the best results.

Make These Content Adjustments
Just as you need to approach your entire campaign with a sound strategy, the same applies when it comes to your content. You shouldn’t be writing website content for no reason. Every piece of content on your website, from blogs to product descriptions, should be focused on a certain subject, should utilize certain keywords, and be a part of an overarching strategy that helps solidify the purpose of your online store.

This may require a thorough audit of your entire Magento site in order to decipher what needs to be worked on and what content should be completely updated. Chances are there is a lot of content on your store that doesn’t serve a purpose, and it should.

Interlinking is Crucial
When putting together a Magento marketing plan, you also want to consider your site links. For those who are unfamiliar with the idea, interlinking is how the pages on your site connect to one another. Every link on your website should be purposeful, but figuring out what links to use and where can be confusing if you don’t have a background in search engine optimization.

Ultimately, you’re going to want to investigate a skilled Magento SEO agency like Genius eCommerce® if you want the best results for your online business. PErforming all of these optimizations on your own can be daunting, to say nothing of building out a complete strategy. Get in touch with the experts at Genius eCommerce® today and rest easy knowing your Magento shop is in good hands.

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