Ecommerce SEO Services For Roofing Companies


Most people associate eCommerce with online stores and products that can be consumed right there and then. However, online tools have proven to be extremely adaptable and offer advantages for industries nobody thought needed an online presence.

That’s the case of builders and contractors, especially roof and chimney specialists. The industry is expected to break the $20 billion barrier this year, meaning that competition is becoming fierce and there is an increased need for additional sales channels if a business expects to fill every slot in their appointment ledger.

Traditional methods such as knocking on doors and printing leaflets have not stopped working. However, they require an added effort and investment. Moreover, they do not offer ways to measure results in real time, making them more of a spray and pray strategy. In fact, only an extremely tiny percentage of recipients read the content of these campaigns, and an even smaller number becomes a lead.

That’s why pay-per-click, or PPC strategies, especially when designed by expert eCommerce SEO services providers, have become an incredibly effective lead generator for the roofing industry.

PPC allows marketers to create extremely targeted ads and social media posts directed at users who are actively looking for roof repair, roof installation, or roof maintenance services. However, creating a successful campaign that generates traffic and leads is not as easy as it sounds.

In this industry, keyword research is especially challenging as many of the high-volume keywords are practically owned by key players, making them extremely expensive. Remember that the goal of PPC marketing and eCommerce SEO services is to improve your marketing efforts by reducing expenses and increasing income.

The first thing you should do is to make sure your Google My Business profile is up-to-date, and that are using this essential tool to its full potential. Apart from adding more credibility to your businesses in the eyes of potential customers, it yields important information about your location and business hours. If you leverage the power of Google My Business and Local SEO, you will have increased chances of appearing at the top of searches or even dominate the Map-pack.

You also need to create a high-performance website that offers instant solutions to your visitors. Forget about clever menus or confusing sections. You need a website designed to convert and with a strong unique sales proposition.

The following step is to design your ads. Every outlet is different today. You cannot use the same copy and images for ads that will come up on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Getting your ad strategy right is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy. They must contain engaging content, high-quality pictures (for Facebook and Instagram), and contain clear calls to action so your audience knows exactly what to do after reading your ad. This way, you keep expenses under control and drastically reduce bounce rates.

While you apply these strategies, you need to take your roofing SEO game to the next level. That’s the best way to make sure your business experiences constant and sustainable growth. There are many ways to achieve high SEO scores. Website performance, structure, user experience, and quality content are among the most common. Of course, that takes months or even years to master, even if you were to become a full time marketer.

For those who want to grow their roofing business and get their schedule booked out for months, their best bet is to hire the professional eCommerce SEO services of 1Digita‚ďál Agency. Their marketing experts have ample experience delivering solid results for clients in different industries, including roofing businesses and contractors. Contact them today and ask for a premium SEO audit.

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