Not Getting Enough Traffic? You Need eCommerce SEO


Many online business owners complain about not getting enough traffic but then don’t take the appropriate action. Don’t let yourself fall into this category and assume that a few social posts or a blog every now and then will magically help you appear on the first page of Google. SEO hasn’t worked that way in a long time.

If you want to get more traffic to your website and start seeing your sales increase, you need properly implemented eCommerce SEO, headed by an agency that actually is equipped to handle a large and complex campaign.

What Exactly is eCommerce SEO?
Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that involves all of the different user-experience and technical enhancements performed on a website that signals to Google, and users, that your site has valuable content in relation to a certain keyword or phrase. SEO also involves issues like domain authority, backlinks, and trust authority.

So how do you properly address SEO for an eCommerce business? Are you taking all of the right steps to show Google that your site is worth ranking? Chances are, the tiny changes that you are making to your website aren’t enough, because you haven’t performed the necessary keyword research and don’t have a full-scale marketing team at your disposal. These days, SEO requires continuous technical updates, a ton of professionally-written content, plenty of backlinks from authoritative domains, and more.

And you wonder why you’re not getting the proper results? Most businesses barely scratch the surface of these issues when they try and manage their SEO in-house. This is the worst mistake you could make when it comest to running your online store, because every day the competition increases, which means there is less of a likelihood that your business will rank on the first page. There is an assumption that just because you have great products and that your website is older than the competition, that you will be grandfathered into the first page of search results. This could not be further from the truth.

Actually, Google has made it known that only fresh, up-to-date, relevant content matters. What’s more, they want to see that a website is constantly updated and has plenty of fresh backlinks pointing to specific relevant pages. If you are wondering why you don’t appear high in the SERPs, it’s because your website isn’t meeting one or more of these important criteria.

How Do You Get Started With eCommerce SEO?
In the past, you may have been reluctant to hire an agency to perform your digital marketing, but times are changing. SEO has become extremely complex, and now requires a full team of experts that specialize in different areas of search engine optimization. From keyword research to content creation, the team you select needs to have a diverse background of knowledge and skills in order to get you the results you are looking for.

You want to make sure that the team you select specializes in eCommerce, or they may not be the right fit for your business needs specifically. This area of online marketing is more competitive and requires a greater understanding of user intent, buying behavior, and keyword variances, in order to get actionable results.

If eCommerce SEO is what you need, 1Digital® is the team of marketing experts you should contact. They have a proven system that gets results for eCommerce businesses time and time again. They are partnered with the biggest names in eCommerce, such as BigCommerce and Shopify, and their reviews and case studies speak for themselves. Get in touch with them today and get started with digital marketing services that make a difference.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to choose Shopify + Partner and Bigcommerce Developer.


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