You find these top features only in Magento2 ecommerce development platform


When your ecommerce business scales up, it is time to upgrade your ecommerce platform to support the growing needs. The ecommerce platform you invest in must be a structured one and must accommodate the evolving needs of your business efficiently. For upgrading their online store, one viable and potent solution that comes to mind of a lot of businesses is Magento 2. When you invest in this incredible ecommerce development platform, the Magento development services you are contracting is better equipped with the right tools and robust functionalities to be able to support your aspirations in a better way and create or upgrade your online store into a wonderful one.

About Magento 2
Magento 2 is a most wonderful upgrade that is highly suitable to every ecommerce business of today. With its host of features and innumerable benefits, it has turned out to be the most liked platform for medium and large businesses to depend on for their ecommerce store.

Magento 2 comes in two different versions namely enterprise and community variations. The tools forming part of Magento 2 are ideally suited for the marketing, SEO needs and catalogue management. The most wonderful thing about Magento 2 is that it can go very well with HHVM and PHP7 that can together render the ecommerce environment a highly user friendly one and a scalable one to accommodate the increasing volume of business and multiplying the product categories. When you work with accomplished Magento development services, you can reap the most alluring benefits of Magento 2 to the best of your aspirations.

There are four distinguished characteristics of Magento that you do not find elsewhere with other ecommerce platforms. Here is an overview of those four features that help the platform stand out and become the most suitable platform for those ecommerce stores that wish to scale up.

Magento 2 can open the web pages and catalogues very quickly. Hence a seamless and effortless user experience is assured. The platform has the capacity to open up 2M web pages. It can effortlessly process over 250,000 orders in an hour which makes it highly scalable and quick delivering the most satisfactory results.

When it comes to adaptability, Magento 2 can meet all types of customer requirements. Hence the dependability of this platform is a wonderful characteristic you can bank on for your robust and evolving needs.

Secured Checkout Procedure
Working on Magento 2, a website can let the customers check out as guests. It is possible for the guests to log out so easily without worrying about the passwords. The new design of this platform can support anytime sales which means that the customers can make purchases anytime from anywhere they are. One lick profile creation and conversion rates are a highly desirable feature of Magento 2.

High quality video integration
The earlier version of Magento was not that supportive of integrating videos on the product pages. In the newer version, you just have to add the link of the video you want to post along with a short description to get the video on the main page.


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