4 Features of BigCommerce Web Design that Impact UX


BigCommerce is one of the preferred dedicated eCommerce platforms in the industry today, but building an online store with BigCommerce will not guarantee the success of a venture. You still have a lot more to account for; a BigCommerce store simply makes it possible.

Here are some of the most important features of BigCommerce web design that can and will have an observable effect on UX. Follow some best practices and user experience will soar. Neglect them and it will suffer, although your bounce rate will soar. You decide which you prefer.

1.Navigation features
Navigational hierarchy is one of the most important features of a website, and not just in eCommerce. Any website that doesn’t have capable search functionality, neatly, succinctly arranged categories, filtering capabilities, and a logical menu is missing out on the value of summary navigation.

Easy navigation is practical and gets customers to where they want to be on a web page. Most importantly, it helps prevent feelings of frustration and annoyance that send customers elsewhere. That is to say, your website needs the most functional navigational structure you can provide.

2.A useful “About Page” (or Contact page)
Some clients may never take the time to learn about what your product does, but many will, and in a game of numbers, you gamble on the odds. Besides, some traffic (especially organic traffic that landed on your site without a direct search) may not be sold on your “story.” If you can’t (or don’t) provide a neat, informative value proposition, why should they spend resources on your products or services?

That’s it; they won’t. They’ll bounce.

3.Mobile Design
The majority of online shoppers are now shopping on mobile devices. However, we are working with a situation in which many websites are still predominantly geared towards desktop shoppers. The best option for any online business, no matter its industry, is to provide a fully responsive design that is optimized both for mobile and desktop devices.

Large fonts, clutter, and imposing, confusing imagery do not work will with mobile devices. They just add to the bounce factor. Work with a designer who knows the best practices in order to ensure your site is well positioned to appeal to mobile shoppers.

Finally, the overall branding and brand integration of your website will impact how users interact with it. If there is something amiss with your branding, it will spill over into all other areas of your business.

Unfortunately, there is no single rulebook to follow here. What works in some industries might not work in another. It requires a creative spirit and a subjective take on the matter to be successful, which is why a web designer can make a huge difference when managing this intangible.

So then, just what are the industry best practices, and how do you put them into effect? Well, for that, you can lean on your experience alone, or you can lean on the collective experience of a team that has managed custom BigCommerce web design projects for eCommerce stores like yours and in a variety of other industries.

That’s a rhetorical proposition; naturally you’ll lean on the experience of those who know best. Get in touch with some of the most experienced and intuitive designers in the industry at 1DigitalAgency.com. For nearly a decade 1Digital Agency’s designers have set the pace for good design principles and practices, and their portfolio of client successes is proof of it.

Contact their ecommerce designers and developers at [email protected] or at 888-982-8269 even if your business isn’t built on the BigCommerce platform. 1Digital Agency is an Elite BigCommerce Partner, but has also executed a variety of advanced customization and design projects for clients based on Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Volusion and even WordPress!

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