4 Signs You Need BigCommerce SEO Services


You can study SEO and optimize your BigCommerce store yourself. You can also hire a graphic designer to make sure you have a visually appealing site. But if you and your web designer can’t create an eCommerce SEO marketing strategy and implement it effectively, you must hand over the SEO reins of your eCommerce website to a professional.

You want your site to rank, reach your target market, properly position your business, and advertise your product or service in a way that generates leads, sales, and cash. You know what you want, but how do you know you need BigCommerce SEO services? Below are some signs you need to hire BigCommerce SEO experts immediately.

1.You’re losing traffic
Google’s algorithm is updated on a regular basis. These adjustments may or may not be seen in your online store’s organic traffic. Other times, however, your traffic drops suddenly overnight and you have no idea why.

A sudden decline in traffic could either be due to a sitemap problem or a Google penalty you don’t know about.

If you did something that Google believes to be unethical, your website may drop off the first page of search results, or possibly disappear entirely.

If you’ve never dealt with a situation like this before, you’ll need the assistance of an SEO specialist to identify the issue and find a solution.

2.Your sales mostly come from ads
PPC ads work. They bring amazing results and get your conversions up. However, if PPC is your only method of attracting customers to your BigCommerce website, your sales will suffer if you stop advertising.

You need SEO to drive free traffic to your site and you need an SEO professional to create an effective BigCommerce SEO strategy.

You’ll also need an SEO professional to combine PPC and SEO. Combining PPC with SEO can make your online campaigns more powerful. PPC and SEO can be combined in a holistic marketing strategy that can accelerate eCommerce businesses’ results.

3.You’re spending more time on SEO campaigns than running your business
Search engine optimization is a full-time job. You can’t run effective SEO campaigns, perform SEO maintenance, and still have plenty of time to run a successful business.

If your business is expanding and you find yourself spending more time on SEO, or if you have just started but optimizing your site leaves you little time to actually run your business, it’s time you hire a BigCommerce SEO agency.

Monitoring inventory, purchasing supplies, managing finances, talking to customers, and other important business tasks should not take second priority. But performing SEO should also be given importance, especially in an eCommerce business where sales come from the Internet.

Outsourcing your SEO will help you improve your search engine rankings and have more time for other aspects of the business. It will allow you to focus your own resources on what you truly need, while the agency handles all technical aspects.

4.You don’t know your competitors
If you don’t know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to hire an SEO professional.

In business, you should always watch your competitors. Competition is a necessary component of any industry. You can make your business stay sharp by monitoring and aiming to outperform your direct competition. Competition promotes creativity, avoids complacency, and provides motivation to develop.

An SEO professional can perform an SEO competitive analysis of all your competitors to help you get ahead of them and maintain your SERP position. Knowing your competitors is the key to improving your SEO.

Time to Hire SEO Professionals
If you’re having any one of the above, take it as a sign that you need to outsource your SEO. Visit 1Digital® Agency and check out their BigCommerce SEO services. 1Digital® Agency specializes in eCommerce SEO and has been helping clients achieve their SEO and business goals for over ten years. Contact them today.

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