5 Big Paid Search Problems eCommerce PPC Management Can Solve


Everyone knows eCommerce PPC is one of the most effective ways to start driving customers and sales to your online store. Given that the vast majority of traffic funnels through the first few listings in the search results.

When effectively managed and implemented, eCommerce PPC can generate higher impressions, traffic, and sales, improve brand awareness and support your other digital marketing initiatives, like eCommerce SEO.

But when poorly run or in the absence of any semblance of eCommerce PPC management, pay-per-click advertising can be a horrendous waste of time, money, and other resources.

Here are some of the best paid-search problems faced by online stores and how a PPC management services provider can help.

●Problem: Low Impressions
This PPC advertising issue speaks for itself. If you have low impressions, it means not enough people are actually seeing your PPC or Google Shopping Ads in the search engine results pages. Without impressions, you can’t generate clicks.

●Solution: Improve keyword targeting or bid strategy
Likely impressions are low because you are targeting the wrong keywords or you’re not bidding highly enough on the right keywords at the right time. An expertly, data-driven PPC advertising strategy can turn that around.

●Problem: Low Conversion Rate
A low conversion rate means that your goals (conversions) are not being met. Specifically, that may mean you’re not generating sales, downloads, sign-ups, or something else similar. Since each click costs money, this is problematic.

●Solution: Multiple Potential causes and solutions
This problem requires additional discovery. Low conversions could be caused be poor targeting, flavorless ad copy, poorly optimized landing pages, targeting the wrong keywords, setting the wrong expectations, or something else – all things that an eCommerce PPC management company can help uncover and rectify.

●Problem: High Bounce Rate
High bounce rate occurs when a user clicks on an ad and then leaves the page. A separate issue occurs when a user clicks on an ad, navigates through certain pages, and then exits at some point without converting.

●Solution: Optimize Landing Page, Align with Expectations Set by Ad Copy
The two most likely solutions are to optimize the landing pages or to align the ad copy with the messaging that a user will find on the landing page. Otherwise, expectations will not be met and the session will ultimately result in a bounce or exit.

●Problem: No Targeting
Straightforward: without targeting, your ads will be seen by a random assortment of users that have separate expectations and interests. Without targeting, an ad campaign cannot be optimized to generate higher ROI.

●Solution: Geographic, Demographic, Device, and Time of Day Targeting
A PPC strategy can be refined during the course of a marketing campaign – they can be targeted according to interest, behavior, demographics, location, time of day, device, and more. By closely targeting ads to be displayed only to high-interest groups, conversions and sales can potentially be boosted, improving your ad quality and return on investment.

●Problem: High Click-through Rate, No Sales to Justify It
A high click-through rate is a good thing because it means your ads are generating interest – but the problem comes when those clicks aren’t validated by sales. Since you pay for each click, clicks that don’t convert drive up the cost of a campaign and will not help cover the cost of a campaign since they won’t generate revenue.

●Solution: Target Different Keywords, Adjust Customer Targeting, Adjust PPC Ad Copy
High CTR and low sales could be attributed to several different factors, including poor keyword selection, lack of a bidding strategy, lack of targeting or inattention to targeting, or ad copy that sets the wrong expectations. A PPC management services provider can help turn around each of these issues for an eCommerce business’s PPC marketing strategy.

Invest in eCommerce PPC Management Services
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