7 Reasons You Need Shopify SEO Services For Your Store


Think you can manage your search engine optimizations alone? The startling reality is that SEO is getting more competitive every day, especially in saturated niches. To get ahead, you need a smart marketing plan anchored with industry-leading Shopify SEO services.

Here’s 7 reasons why you need the help of dedicated Shopify experts to manage your marketing strategy:

1.Keyword Research
To start things off, you can’t hope to have any success with your Shopify SEO campaign without performing the right keyword research. This is a rather in-depth process that you will want to make sure is handled properly before proceeding with any kind of onsite SEO work.

A team of Shopify SEO experts would have no trouble doing a deep dive into your business and eCommerce industry in order to find the best possible keywords for your needs.

2.Time Allocation
Who has time to manage a complete marketing campaign by themselves? If you are a store owner that is strapped for time, this is reason enough to invest in Shopify SEO services. Not allocating your time wisely can have a negative impact on your business. Don’t make that mistake!

3.Image Compression
Site speed is becoming more and more important with every year. Users want snappy,r responsive sites even when on less than par WiFi connections. This means you have to be mindful of the size of the images you use throughout your store. SEO experts will be able to help you analyze these images and compress them so that you get better Google site speed scores.

4.Navigation Improvements
If users can’t find your products easily, Google will notice. You need to make sure your navigational structure is sound, and this is another area where a team of SEO experts can help you. With a professional marketing team behind you, your site will work efficiently for your customers, and this will translate into better performance and results in Google as well.

5.Category Page SEO
In many cases, category pages go neglected on eCommerce sites. This can have a negative impact on your ability to appear in the search results, to say the least. If you want to make sure your category pages are contextual and SEO optimized, you need the help of the best Shopify experts in the business.

6.The Checkout Experience
The checkout functionality and flow are also important to think about. Is your store offering a smooth and informative checkout experience? A skilled agency that specializes in Shopify related services will be able to make sure your checkout integrations and pages are running properly.

7.Your Blogging Strategy
Finally, one of the most important reasons to look into Shopify SEO services is to make sure your blog is being regularly updated with high quality content that is infused with the proper SEO content. To gain traction in the SERPs, all websites need a sophisticated content strategy that revolves around the blog.

Even if you don’t consider your brand to be blog-worthy, it’s still necessary to have one for SEO purposes. You don’t want to be writing low quality content, however, so this is where a team of Shopify marketing gurus can help. By creating professional-sounding and properly optimized content, you will have a much better chance at appearing in the search engines and gaining valuable traffic to your products.

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