Do You Know How to Choose the Right eCommerce SEO Consultant?


SEO is such a powerful tool that everyone wants to invoke its benefits. Many online businesses would knock on any door displaying an eCommerce SEO Consultant sign and will feel OK by throwing money at it, for a while.

But this attitude usually leads to strenuous periods of anxiety, combined with euphoric bursts of optimism, ending up with crushing disillusion.

Why does that happen?

After years in the business, I discovered that the main reason eCommerce SEO marketing strategies fail is that clients have a very poor understanding of what SEO means. Surprisingly enough, the more they have “read” about SEO, the more confused they are, and the more difficult it is for eCommerce SEO consultants to design and execute any marketing strategy.

So, here are three simple rules you must follow when you request an SEO specialist to give you a hand with your marketing.

Listen to your eCommerce SEO consultant
SEO services are not a pay-to-play kind of business. There is no such thing as a “money is not important, just make us rank” approach in SEO. If it were that easy, how come so many small businesses routinely beat the crap out of retail giants for so many terms?

So, a “shut up and drive” attitude will only result in six months of agony for all parties involved as they all sit together and weep at all that money going down the drain with nothing to show for it. The worst part is when clients then proceed to blame the SEO team for “not understanding the industry”.

Look, if you´re looking for a professional SEO team, it is because you are not good at it. They´re the ones who KNOW everything there is to know about online marketing. The least you can do as a client is to sit down and listen to the team you hired. This usually results in elevated levels of respect and transparency as your SEO consultant will feel confident enough to reveal the sticky points of the campaign with candor.

This takes me to the next point

Communicate with your eCommerce SEO consultant
Marketing agencies can only work with what you give them. This goes way beyond budget. Even if you´re prepared to disburse a hefty marketing budget, if you don’t reveal what your company really needs, money will not matter. And please don´t say “we need to increase traffic and sales” as that is a given in this industry.

Instead, try to communicate where you see your company in 5 years, and how you want your audience to think of your brand. This is especially true when designing your content strategy as your content needs specific tones depending on the channel and target buyer personas. For example, let’s say you sell wedding dresses. Do you want generic copy and ads for that? Or would you like a more contemporary tone similar to what Teen Vogue Rolling Stone dish out for their huge audiences?

Communicate these ideas to your marketing team if you expect them to provide quality content, ads, and landing pages for your products.

And, finally:

Team up with your eCommerce SEO consultant
SEO is always a team effort. If you´re partnering up with a professional SEO company, try to make the most out of that partnership and make sure you make it to all of their meetings, answer their questions and give them your feedback. That’s the ONLY way to guarantee that you are REALLY investing in SEO.

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