How Working With a Shopify SEO Agency Can Improve Your eCommerce Business

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When running an online store, there is more to success than just having a good product. The actual design of the eCommerce website should be attractive and easy to navigate. However, from a digital marketing perspective, the website should be ranking among related search results. This all starts with two things: A quality eCommerce platform and an efficient SEO strategy, which is why to thrive you may need the help of an eCommerce SEO agency.

Is Shopify The Best eCommerce Platform
When looking for the proper eCommerce platform for your online store, there is plenty of major company’s that are providing excellent services right now. Website builders like BigCommerce are powerful and can make for a great choice for your online business, but right now it seems like Shopify may be getting a step ahead of the competition.

Last month, Google announced that it would be extending its partnership with Shopify. Even without the slightest background in tech, you can imagine how huge this integration will be for Shopify users that want their websites to show up when their target demographic is looking up related search terms. Simply put, this partnership means that eCommerce businesses will be able to sell their products on Google much easier than in the past due to simplified onboarding techniques.

Where Does SEO Come In?
Okay, you have a great business idea, you’re using an excellent eCommerce platform, your sales are decent, but where do you go from here? eCommerce SEO services make up that missing puzzle piece that you weren’t able to find. You don’t want to utilize just any SEO services however, you need Shopify SEO services.

This can be accomplished by finding an agency that is a Shopify partner. Some eCommerce SEO companies are partnered with Shopify and experienced with exactly how their platform is run. Ideally, it’s best to work with an eCommerce SEO agency that specializes in digital marketing strategies from every different spectrum of the term. An agency that specializes in everything from page optimization to eCommerce marketing will have more knowledge and experience to bring your Shopify business to the next level.

Where to Find An Efficient Shopify SEO Agency?
If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that specializes in Shopify SEO, then you should look into 1Digital Agency. 1Digital is an SEO company that also specializes in areas like social media, PPC, and website design and redesign. They are also a proud partner of Shopify.
Their vast team of Shopify SEO experts is always timely and available to help get your company to where it needs to go.

In all honesty, the only statistic that matters when working with SEO for Shopify business is ROI and 1Digital is a Shopify SEO agency that has an excellent reputation of getting their clients a proper return on their investment. They’ll be able to help you rank with keywords related to your Shopify business and improve organic traffic to the corresponding product pages. Visit their website at today and see how they can help.

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