Tips to enhance your website’s user experience


The foundation for all your digital marketing efforts, your website must ensure a great user experience to be successful and give the results you want. In ensuring a great user experience, the first place to get started is to identify the problems and challenges your visitors can have. Do some homework and evolve ways to make it easy, convenient and interesting for your visitors to visit your site and stay on it to learn what you have got to offer them. These tips can help enhance your website’s user experience significantly when you will work with an accomplished and reliable web development Calgary company that has a rich experience in the web designing industry.

Right use of white space
Studies show that white space around the text and titles can help increase the attention of the users by about 20%. Enough white space can bestow a fresh, modern and open look to your web pages. At the same time, having too much white space can mean replacing some valuable information. The right approach is therefore a perfect balance between the important information to communicate at the top and surround it with some space that can help highlight the text or image.

Optimizing the page speed
Waiting for the page to load can be the most frustrating experience for your visitors. The rise of mobile devices for accessing information online, people are accessing content on different platforms. People expect the webpages to respond instantly and give them what they want. Bouncing rates are very high with websites that do not load fast. Slow loading pages can interrupt the user experience and can put them down resulting in frustration. Every extra five seconds taken by your pages to load can increase the bounce rate by about 20%, say the studies. Use the right strategies to decrease the loading speed of your web pages.

Calls to action
Customers usually go by the visual cues to decide which content is important. Calls to actions or CTAs are elements that help to mark the actions that you want your visitors to take while navigating your site and get what they want in the location that they think can provide them. Be aware of the impacts different colors can create and also the psychology of color. When attempted thoughtfully, color variations and action messaging can result in an increase in the number of clicks by about 11%. Different colors can evoke different messages. Using colors wisely is a way to evoke different feelings in the user like intelligence, experience or trust for instance.

Differentiating with hyperlinks
While including a link to any of your pages, you mean you want the user to click on them. The right use of visual cues can help identify the links easily. Styles like underlined text and differently colored text can let them know that there is a link to be clicked on. The tantamount to success in creating a webpage is exploiting the user expectations and their prior knowledge of different elements of a webpage in general.

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