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Statistics available with us show that WordPress powers over 39% of the web. In fact this figure is fast rising every day. WordPress powers a lot of things online from simple websites to blogs to enterprise websites, to highly complex portals and applications. The two distinguished features of WordPress are the under-the-hood complexity for the developers and the simplicity of using for the publishers and visitors. Hence this is a highly flexible but easy to use platform. Moreover, there are thousands of plugins available today that make WordPress functionality a limitless possibility. When you Hire WordPress developer, you can benefit from the far reaching advantages of this wonderful platform. Here are a few interesting functionalities of WordPress which you might have probably missed out knowing.

Screen options for show/hide functions
You might have come across the screen options, but a screen option button lets you show or hide items on the WordPress admin screen that you are viewing at present. This feature lets the admin pages simple ones that can accommodate your workflow.

Some useful dashboard widgets
In the WordPress admin area, the users are redirected to the dashboard page by default. There are a number of handy shortcuts in the dashboard page leading to different segments of your website. When you click on the screen options buttons, you can show or hide the boxes known as dashboard widgets. To rearrange the items on the WordPress dashboard, you can also drag and drop the boxes.

Creating links in the visual editor by pasting URL
Very few WordPress users know that it is possible to select a text and press CTRL+V to paste the URL. If this is done, the visual editor converts this automatically into a link.

Accessibility mode for the widgets
WordPress users always enjoy the comfortable experience of dragging and dropping the widgets into the sidebars. However, many users find it difficult to drag and drop using a trackpad or mouse. The hidden accessibility mode for widgets makes it easy to add widgets without dragging and dropping them. You can activate this option by clicking on screen options button you will find when you navigate to Appearance and then to the Widgets page.

Previewing the themes before activating them
Some users might worry that changing the WordPress theme can have undesirable consequences on their website. One good news is that it is possible to test the new theme you want to consider without activating it. Install your new WordPress theme, go to Appearance Themes page and click on the Live Preview button you will find on the installed theme’s thumbnail.

Image editing
It is very easy to add images on your WordPress pages and posts. There are also some basic image editing features you will find on WordPress. To access them, go to Media >> Library page and click on any image you want to edit. Once you go to image editing mode, you can crop, resize, rotate or resize any image. It is also possible to flip the image both in horizontal and vertical directions.

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