Can a BigCommerce SEO Agency Actually Help Your Online Business?


There are many factors that lead to the success of an online business. Without the perfect recipe, even online stores with the most innovative products and services can fail. You need to build a reputation and gain traffic to your website before people will even consider buying your products and when you get them to your site you need a user-friendly website that will keep them there.

When it comes to having a successful eCommerce business you need a winning eCommerce platform, and if you have a BigCommerce store you’re already ahead of the game. BigCommerce is an industry-leading, award-winning eCommerce platform and has only improved over the years. It is also an excellent platform from an SEO standpoint. However, is hiring a BigCommerce SEO agency really worth it? Here’s exactly what search engine optimization can do to help a BigCommerce website.

Keyword Ranking
Obviously, as an eCommerce business, you ultimately have one goal and that’s making sales. However, before you can ever even come close to meeting that goal you have to market yourself. SEO is one of many digital marketing efforts that can be pursued and it’s a fairly successful one if you have BigCommerce SEO experts working with you.

A successful digital marketing agency should be able to offer BigCommerce SEO services that will increase your search engine rankings. When people search on Google or other search engines for keywords related to your online business, whether it’s products or services that you provide, the are where you are located, or you’re actual company name, you should strive to be on that front page.

How often are you going past the first page of Google to find what you’re looking for? Hardly ever. The first step in a successful strategy should always be keyword research and keyword selection. An SEO expert will find keywords that are reasonable to rank for and that are more likely to lead to conversions. By blogging content that contains keywords focused on your business and your industry a BigCommerce SEO agency can build backlinks and grow your business’s domain authority. Keyword research, content creation, and link building are the three biggest parts of a quality SEO campaign.

Conversion Rates
The best BigCommerce SEO Agencies out there will not be solely focused on getting people to click a link to your website. They will recognize that the ultimate metrics that matter are your ROI and your conversion rates. To accomplish this successful SEO agencies will also focus on web page optimization and design, as well as other digital marketing efforts like PPC or social media management.

After you get a higher ranking for a keyword, potential customers will start clicking your link that leads them to your eCommerce site. Once they’re on their site they’ll obviously start browsing your website for the products that they’re interested in. If your website layout is confusing or difficult to use the customer will go elsewhere. If your website is slow the customer will go elsewhere. If the design is not attractive the customer will go elsewhere. Every single step of the eCommerce SEO process needs to be done right if you want your organic traffic to convert. That all starts with hiring the right agency.

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