Is Volusion SEO Still Relevant in 2021?


With so many merchants flooding the most popular eCommerce platforms today, digital marketers seem to be neglecting powerful alternatives that offer incredible and unmatched marketing features when wielded by SEO professionals. One such alternative is Volusion, a Texas-based company with an impressive record for hosting big names such as 3M and Intel, making it a solid choice if you plan to handle large numbers of visitors. Let’s go over some of the most relevant Volusion SEO and marketing features that make it uniquely robust for merchants in many industries.

Volusion is Extremely Easy To Set Up
While most platforms nowadays are trying hard to make their website-building tools more approachable for non-savvy users, Volusion easily takes the cake here. You basically set up an instant online store the minute you sign up. Just like that. It even comes with easy to use catalog building tools and built-in Volusion SEO features that allow you to start monitoring all relevant stats almost immediately.

Those who have no time for going through steep learning curves will find that Volusion is a breath of fresh air in a world where coding knowledge appears to be almost mandatory.

We are aware of the limited blogging options Volusion offers, and some might consider this detrimental to the overall SEO score. However, there are two caveats here.

First, some businesses don’t see the need for blogging. There are Volusion SEO campaigns solely based on strong product descriptions and videos that are evergreen. It means that they get to perform extremely well in rankings and Google´s PAA sections.

Secondly, you can now integrate your Volusion SEO strategy with third-party CMS services for that extra content kick in case you need it. It is not an easy feat as Volusion is not very intuitive when you start adding features, but with a digital marketing agency by your side, nothing is impossible.

Accepts All Major Payment Methods
Many merchants fear that smaller platforms will limit their ways to interact with customers, especially during checkout. Volusion offers one of the best checkout funnels out there, allowing your customers to make quick purchases with all major payment platforms. Other platforms might offer the same capabilities, but Volusion really simplifies this aspect without users having to go through complicated steps to set up a shopping cart system.

A wealth of Tutorials and Amazing Help Center
You might ask why we would mention tutorials after we pointed out that Volusion is pretty much a plug-and-play platform. The answer is that you will want to offer your visitors a unique shopping experience so they feel compelled to come back to your store, and Volusion offers a lot of customization options that are not that intuitive for inexperienced users. Here is a great digital marketing agency that specializes in Volusion SEO and strategies.

The good news is Volusion´s help center is top-notch, and they offer incredibly helpful and detailed tutorials. Say you saw a cool feature in one of your competitors’ websites and want to implement it, giving it your personal touch. No problem! Just head to their How-To section and learn how to correctly implement it, or give them a call and get direct answers from real people.

Of course, many of the most advanced features that can give your Volusion SEO campaign an edge will require the help of expert digital marketers with years of experience designing amazon Volusion online stores.

However, Volusion is a very powerful and intuitive platform for merchants who are serious about automating their sales process and managing their product catalog efficiently without sacrificing functionalities or even time. If you want to dominate your industry with an easy to use and cost effective platform like Volusion, take the first step by contacting the best eCommerce team at

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