What Makes Shopify Plus Developers Special?


Your store is already up in the Shopify platform and you have been implementing some marketing strategies on your own to drive some traffic to your online store. Shopify does offer some tools that purportedly achieve the same results as your run-of-the-mill Shopify SEO services agency. However, after a few months in, you don’t see your store making any progress in rankings. Worse still, the traffic that trickles down into your site does not seem interested in converting.

This is actually very common. It is calculated that more than 95% of businesses in Shopify fail to attract traffic at all. You might think that there is something wrong with the platform and that its fame is not justified. But this is not the case, by far.

The problem most owners encounter when setting up shop at Shopify is that they think the platform will do all the heavy lifting for them. It would be really nice if Shopify did all the marketing for us, letting us just lay back and watch our coffers be filled month after month. But that’s now how any of this works.

The business world is extremely unforgiving and, while the internet has made it easier than ever for merchants to sell their products and services, it has not changed its underlying nature.

Businesses that succeed on Shopify know that the only way to the top is to be constantly on top of today’s marketing trends, constantly produce engaging content their audiences want to consume, and find ways to outpace the competition in terms of user experience, designs, and branding. All that is very difficult to do, especially without the help of an expert Shopify SEO services company. After all, you have so much time in a day, and you’d rather run a business instead of spending the next six months reading tutorials on how to properly execute a digital marketing campaign.

The most effective way to give your store a fighting chance of finding its way up the search results is to hire a team of professional Shopify Plus developers.

While Shopify does offer many automated options when building a website allowing users to build a professionally looking online store in minutes, their cookie-cutter themes and templates do nothing in terms of making your brand stand out from the rest, or make Google think your page is worth showing to its users.

The first thing you need to do is to take advantage of the advanced design tools available for those who can tweak Shopify´s source code directly, and have direct contact with the platform experts in case there is an ultra-specific functionality your business could benefit from. Specialized Shopify SEO services often have an expert team of certified Shopify Plus developers with proven experience in building websites that not only attract new traffic but also make sure a website is easy enough to navigate for users, compelling them to continue down their customer journey and convert.

But, how does user experience help a website that does not rank?
It turns out Google takes user experience and website design as important factors for ranking. An expertly-designed website gives Google clear clues about how it is structured, how it uses crawl budget, and how long it takes for users to find precisely what they are looking for. In other words, outstanding search result ranking is often the mark of a well-implemented Shopify SEO services campaign.

In addition, websites that offer a high quality user experience are more likely to have more favorite metrics associated with time on page and bounce rate, both of which have the potential to have a direct impact on SEO and other digital marketing efforts. In time, these positive effects will have a splash effect on rankings.

Where can you find certified Shopify Plus developers?
1DigitalⓇ Agency has a team of in-house Shopify Plus developers and specialists ready to give your website the boost it needs to start dominating your industry. They are Shopify Plus experts across the entire spectrum, specializing not only in dedicated search engine optimization strategies but also in the design and development work that will supporting your marketing initiatives, generating higher organic traffic and conversion rates for long term success. Give them a call today, or request a free SEO audit so you know exactly what they can do for your business.

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