Do You Really Need to Hire a WordPress SEO Expert?


Some business administrators believe they can “do SEO in-house.” To a degree, given their expertise and familiarity with digital marketing and SEO best practices, there may be some truth to it.

Yet the fact of the matter remains that few if any business owners can manage SEO all on their own. It is too complex, there are too many moving parts, and in short, it is a full-time job.

For websites based on the WordPress platform, this means reaching out to a WordPress SEO expert for help – but it also means tying up some loose ends first.

Is WordPress Good for SEO?
In a nutshell, yes, WordPress is a content management system that is also good for SEO, but it’s not good for SEO “out of the box.” A WordPress site, like any website, needs to be optimized to reach its full potential.

Here are a few things WordPress has going for it that will support your SEO efforts:

● It’s open-source, so there is a large support community.
● Compatible with a huge range of free (and SEO-friendly) WordPress themes to boost UX.
● Compatible with a wide range of plugins that can improve usability and make it easier for administrators to edit and customize the website.
● Specifically compatible with SEO plugins that help optimize the website.
● It’s easy to optimize metadata and images.
● WordPress is widely integrated with other software, apps and social media.

However, with so much competition on the internet, using the same tools as everyone else on WordPress is not going to give you much of an edge. For that, you need the insight of a competent WordPress SEO expert.

What Is a WordPress SEO Expert?
A WordPress SEO expert is a digital marketing expert with specific experience with the WordPress platform and with SEO, or search engine optimization, best practices.

Search engine optimization is a set of practices that are designed to streamline your website, making it more “attractive” to search engines like Google. When a member of your target market searches for something, like “shoes for sale” or “herbal remedies for dogs” if your website is optimized for those or other related search terms, it will show up closer to the top of the search engine results pages, or SERPs.

WordPress SEO experts are proficient in the following areas and more:

● Link building, both external linking and cultivating backlinks to a website.
● Keyword research and setting a keyword strategy.
● Drafting optimized content for use on the pages of your website, in your blog, and elsewhere.
● Optimizing on-page ranking factors, like alt data, metadata, page structure, URLs, and much more.
● They’re familiar with SEO best practices related to site structure, speed, security, and other technical rankings factors.
● Additionally, they’re familiar with the WordPress platform and how to make adjustments, customizations, and integrations that will improve UX, technical ranking ability, and content.
● They’re also proficient with monitoring Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and potentially their own proprietary analytics.

How Do I Find a WordPress SEO Expert?
One of the best ways to find a WordPress SEO expert is simply to type it into the search bar. Some of the top organic entries (not the ads, the ones beneath them) must be doing something right with SEO if they rank so highly.

Otherwise, a proven history of success is a good indicator. Check out Genius eCommerce at to see the sorts of SEO services they offer. They’re avowed experts in WordPress SEO services and have helped countless clients, in many industries, climb the rungs of the SERPs ladder. Contact them today and get started ranking more efficiently for long-term success!


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