Master the Art of Clickable Ads With a Facebook Advertising Company


Advertising on social media seems easy, until you launch your first ad and watch it flop. Unlike Google and Bing ads for instance, users can interact with your ads on social media, and even “laugh” react to them on Facebook. This can spell doom for your ad before it even has a chance to exhaust its budget.

A Facebook advertising company can help you craft clickable ads that actually encourage positive feedback and community-building. In the right hands, Facebook ads are a whole lot more than just a way to send traffic to your products and generate sales. They can be a powerful tool for brand awareness and the overall growth of your business.

Why Ads Are so Different on Facebook
Even if you have experience crafting successful ads yourself on other platforms, this success might not translate over to Facebook. Simply researching the proper keywords and creating great ad copy is not enough on social media platforms like Facebook.

One of the biggest differences is that you will be working with a graphical element or video in your ad. You also open up the floor for users to interact with your ad or even comment on them. If you are being disingenuous or overly salesy in your ad campaign, there is a good chance that it will backfire. Either it will be ignored or users might have a negative perception or reaction to the ad.

This can be problematic, as a misaligned ad could eat away at your brand image. One of the most important aspects of running ads on social media is to respect the users as much as possible. When you launch an ad, you are basically trying to “force” your way onto their Facebook feed by paying money. To be successful, the ad needs to look and feel natural, warm, and engaging. Even if a user knows full well that an ad is pushing a certain product, that doesn’t mean they want to feel as though they are being sold to.

It’s always important to keep in mind that most people think of their social media accounts as personal spaces and that ads are essentially intruding on this personal space. This means that in order to generate a positive reaction from users when creating ads, you need that professional touch that can help you create ad graphics and copy that connect deeply with users.

Whether this means determining their pain points and addressing them, relating to them in some way, or wowing them with sheer production quality, you need to think about the overall impact that your ads will have when a user sees them in the Facebook feed. This isn’t always easy to accomplish – in fact, you may need social media experts with a background in eCommerce if you intend on truly creating ads that fully resonate with your potential shoppers.

The Best Facebook Advertising Company For Your Needs
Instead of trying to manage your Facebook ads alone, you may need the help of a trusted eCommerce marketing agency to help you craft the perfect ads for your brand that will actually connect with your customer base and help you build your brand.

Genius eCommerce® is a Facebook advertising company that understands how to build effective social media marketing campaigns on every major platform. Ads that don’t simply convert, but that connect as well. The experts at Genius eCommerce® know how to build attractive campaigns that harness the power of community, social trends, media elements, and in-depth targeting, to generate incredible results. Contact them today if you are ready to use Facebook to grow your business the right way!


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