A BigCommerce SEO Agency Answers Four Questions Associated with the Most Common Searches

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With over 50,000 websites built on the BigCommerce platform, there’s certainly enough competition to go around.

Now let’s talk big league numbers. Apparently, there are anywhere between 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites on the internet.

That’s even more competition. Getting in front of them requires some digital marketing acumen.

On that note, let’s talk about BigCommerce SEO agencies and the sort of work they perform for clients based on BigCommerce.

Is BigCommerce Good for SEO?
This is one of the most common searches with respect to BigCommerce and SEO.

While it’s important to stress that no platform itself is “perfect” for SEO, there are platforms that make optimization easier than others.

BigCommerce is one of them. It has metadata fields that can be easily edited. Meta titles can be easily edited as well. So can on-page content and URLs.

BigCommerce auto generates an XML sitemap and is compatible with a wide range of SEO-friendly themes that make it easy to arrange and rearrange site structure as necessary.

In addition, BigCommerce, as a SaaS, guarantees a high level of uptime and speed, which are also good for SEO.

However, despite the fact that BigCommerce is “good” for SEO, it does not mean that any website built on BigCommerce will be automatically optimized. No platform is like that.

How Can You “Improve” SEO on BigCommerce?
There are countless ways you can optimize a BigCommerce website to attract higher organic impressions and traffic. Some of the following are below:

● Building internal links and improving site structure.
● Adjusting the robots.tx file to prevent certain pages from being crawled.
● Eliminating broken and toxic links and establishing redirects.
● Performing keyword research and then optimizing your product and category pages.
● Minify code and use alt text tags for images.
● Blogging on relevant topics to improve your organic visibility for key search terms.
● Improving site speed and security.
● Installing an SEO and UX-friendly theme.
● And countless others.

What Is the Purpose of SEO in eCommerce?
SEO is one of the main facets of organic digital marketing and is one of the most critical. In a nutshell, SEO makes it possible for users to find your website on the internet by searching for specific keywords.

If your website ranks highly for those keywords, then it will show up in relevant search results and have a higher chance that users will click on your listing and ultimately convert. It improves brand visibility, credibility, organic traffic, and conversion rates.

How Does eCommerce SEO Work?
It’s difficult to encapsulate how SEO “works” in just a few words, but basically, everything that has to do with SEO is done with the intention of making your website more “attractive” to search engines like Google, for specific search terms.

By publishing articles, updating website content, and on-page SEO factors, boosting site speed and security scores, creating a more logical BigCommerce store framework, and sowing the seeds of backlinks, your website online store becomes optimized to “attract” the attention of search engine algorithms, improving the likelihood that it will show up in the search results for relevant, search-intent related keywords.

Work with an Elite BigCommerce SEO Agency
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In the past ten years, they’ve optimized hundreds of eCommerce businesses’ websites. While they are BigCommerce SEO experts and BigCommerce Elite Certified, they’ve also developed a great deal of proficiency with other eCommerce platforms, too.

Don’t put the fate of your website in the hands of anyone less competent. Trust a BigCommerce SEO agency like 1DigitalⓇ Agency and get an SEO strategy moving in the right direction from day one.


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