I Have An Online Store. Can A BigCommerce Development Agency Help Me?

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When choosing the right eCommerce platform, your business not only has to make sure the one they choose can potentially make their website look great and offers a competitive pricing structure. Many businesses today prefer using BigCommerce because of their flexible pricing structure, and they have recently made it a lot easier for merchants to customize their stores and make them look stunning right out of the box.

However, even semi-skilled merchants who can put together amazingly looking homepages, and decently organized product pages, still have to make sure their online stores can easily be found by their audiences.

This means that one of the most important aspects of choosing this platform is to know how easy it is to find a specialized BigCommerce SEO agency that understands both your industry and the platform. Many merchants stumble upon serious obstacles that don’t let them fully enjoy the perks of having an online business and, even worse, these become heavy burdens for growth and success.

Here are the most common problems BigCommerce users encounter:

Content Issues
Most eCommerce platforms have had a rough time trying to keep up with other content-slanted options when it comes to generating optimized content.

To their defense, BigCommerce has made great progress in this aspect and allows merchants to install a blog on their website. However, BigCommerce will automatically install your blog on a subdomain, naming it blog.myamazingstore.com, for example, instead of the far preferable www.myamazingstore.com/blog option. Moreover, creating a customized layout for your blog that significantly differs from other pages with more transactional intent, requires a deep understanding of how the platform works.

Difficult To Implement Core Functionalities
To be honest, BigCommerce is always widening its array of plugins and customization options. If you need to offer something unique to your visitors, or if your business model and approach requires you to implement extremely specific functionalities, there is probably a plugin that can help. However, these are tricky to implement as most of them come with default settings and many don’t work well together. As it often happens, plugin creators can’t anticipate all the possible combinations millions of merchants will try and how users interact with them. This results in compatibility problems or performance issues. It is not uncommon for merchants to discover that the plugin they like does not come with that one feature they need for their site.

Getting every single component of your website to work as expected, is a science and an art in itself.

Speed Issues
Users prefer zippy websites, that’s a fact. Moreover, Google knows this and rewards merchants who are able to offer lightning fast solutions and answers for their users. BigCommerce has done a good job decluttering their templates over the years. The problem arises when their vanilla options don’t cut it for us. As soon as we start adding features, images and products, our websites start becoming clunky and slow and our PageSpeed scores take a big hit.

There are several ways to optimize your website speed, but they usually require a site audit to understand where these changes must be done. Just deciding to cut the size of your images by half, and leaving a barebones website usually leads to poor user experience. Moreover, when removing elements from your website structure, you might inadvertently cripple your site.

To solve these problems, and make sure your online store is leveraging all the power of your eCommerce platform, you need the help of the best BigCommerce Development Agency for your industry. 1DigitalⓇ Agency is an eCommerce agency specialized in managing BigCommerce SEO, PPC, and marketing campaigns for businesses in a wide array of industries with enormous success. Visit them today, and schedule a call to understand how a BigCommerce Development agency can help your business strive.


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