eCommerce Strategy Consulting 101: What You Need to Know

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Running an online business puts you in a highly strategic role, like it or not. The thing about running a business is that, though it is by nature strategic, not all entrepreneurs are inherently strategy-minded.

You could be running a charter boat service with an eCommerce website as a lead generator or an online boutique. Your first love might be the water or fashion – not strategy.

That doesn’t exonerate you from the need to develop a strategy for the long-term success of your online business, for which many online entrepreneurs partner with eCommerce strategy consulting firms for success.

What Do eCommerce Strategy Consulting Firms Do?
There are many things that eCommerce strategy consulting firms do, but to keep it high level, they leverage their many years of experience in online business to help position their clients to meet their goals –

whatever they are. What Are the Benefits of Hiring an eCommerce Strategy Consulting Firms?
Hiring a partner for eCommerce consulting services has many potential benefits for eCommerce businesses, including the following:

● They can help you define a digital strategy and an overall marketing plan.
● They can assist with growth and help you meet goals by increasing visibility, sales, and revenue.
● They can help you refine and enhance your brand image to cultivate a superior digital experience for your target customers.
● Full-service eCommerce experts may also actually offer digital marketing services, such as search engine optimization, social media, or pay-per-click advertising.
●They can help you improve your customer service, messaging, and communications.
● Consultants can point out weak areas of website design, UX, or UI.
● Consultants can help you keep a cleaner focus on what your competitors are doing (and how they are succeeding) so you can position your own business for success.
● They can help you develop a cohesive market strategy.
● Consultants can assist you with targeting to ensure your messaging only reaches select audiences.

Do eCommerce Consultants Specialize by Industry or Other Factors?
It depends on the consultants you hire, but this is definitely a possibility. Some consultants specialize in the customer experience, and so will be focused primarily on the sort of interactivity, functionality, and overall usability your website offers.

Other consultants may specialize in digital marketing, in which case they may be able to audit your current digital marketing plan and offer you insights for improvement or cost-efficiency. Some consultants may even offer these digital marketing services.

Some consultants position their models around growth – meaning that they take an open approach to how they evaluate your website, but their efforts will be primarily focused on getting you new customers – whether that comes from overhauling your marketing efforts, or migrating to a new site, or changing your branding.

How Can You Make a Wise Choice in an eCommerce Strategy Consulting Partner?
With so many potential options in eCommerce strategy consulting partners, here are some tips to help you make a wise choice.

● Read client reviews and testimonials, especially the negative ones.
● Investigate their social media platforms for interaction with clients and current trends.
● Look for case studies, client portfolios, and other indicators of success on their website.
● Consultants that are award-winning or have been recognized in some way are likely a safer bet.
● Though age is not a failsafe indicator of quality, businesses that have been around longer usually have more stable, thorough processes.
● Try to pick a partner that specializes in whatever area is the one in which you have the most concern (that is, digital marketing, growth, design, brand positioning, and so on and so forth).

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