My Company’s Experience with a BigCommerce SEO Agency

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I’m responsible for managing digital marketing and outreach for a mid-sized company with a BigCommerce website.

Truth be told, managing organic marketing can get overbearing, and since I’m tasked with spearheading social media management on several different platforms and drafting promotions to be used with email marketing, I just didn’t have time for SEO.

Our company’s eCommerce website has thousands of pages and vies for very competitive long-tail and short-tail keywords against some serious industry leaders.

I knew firsthand how much work optimizing a BigCommerce store of that size would be, let alone settling on a core set of target keywords that would be feasible to pursue.

So I did what I had to do. I got permission from the brass to hire a BigCommerce SEO agency and chose 1DigitalⓇ Agency.

I don’t typically write reviews, but my experience has been so positive I felt compelled.

They Took the Reins
First, 1DigitalⓇ Agency is an Elite BigCommerce partner that’s been recognized by BC for proficiency with the platform, so even though that’s not directly related to SEO, it did catch my attention.

As soon as I hired 1DigitalⓇ Agency, they had me fill out a questionnaire so that they could get familiar with our model. Then, I met with my dedicated project manager, we talked a bit about our goals, and he let me know how the process worked and what I could expect.

Within a few days, he sent me back a list of target keywords that were perfectly balanced with respect to volume and competition – ideal target keywords that for me to find would have taken weeks if not longer.

They Optimized Everything – Read That Again, Everything
After I approved the target keywords (which was easy, since they were excellent keywords) 1DigitalⓇ Agency’s technical team scrubbed my company’s website for duplicate content, broken links, and other technical errors that would interfere with Google’s ability to crawl our pages or which would result in penalties.

They rectified most of these and then got down on a granular basis recommending changes to target URL copy, on-page ranking signals like meta titles and meta descriptions, and so much more.

It felt like I had a dedicated consultant for each page on my company’s website that was making suggestions in real-time.

They Made Suggestions That Surprised Even Me!
I’m a marketing manager and even I was surprised by the level of detail of some of the recommendations that my project manager was making at 1DigitalⓇ Agency.

For instance, he cautioned me against trying to overoptimize a web page for a single keyword, as that could incur a penalty. Alright, I knew that; I’ve heard of keyword stuffing before. But then he told me to split my efforts between different pages and intentionally withhold from optimizing two pages for the same keyword because that could cannibalize my efforts.

It made sense and it seems obvious now in hindsight, but it had never occurred to me before, and neither had anyone over me made that observation.

Needless to say, I was impressed and it really cultivated a greater sense of trust between me and my project manager.

They Suggested Strategic Maneuvers
Another thing that’s worth calling out is that my project manager suggested I stop targeting a few of the keywords I was already going after.

He mentioned that though they were potentially lucrative in terms of generating ranking increases, search intent (based on his keyword research) was not aligned with what these target landing pages on my website delivered.

I was skeptical (I know how to use SEMRush, after all) but I took his advice. Well, guess what. The bounce rate on those pages decreased, and the conversion rate went up. We’re talking modest shifts, but they are noticeable.

So he must have known what he was talking about and I am impressed.

Try Them for Yourself: They’ll Optimize Your Site
The only reason I’m writing this review of my BigCommerce SEO agency is that in all of my previous experiences, eCommerce SEO agencies have followed a “set it and forget it” model that assumes no news is good news and in which every procedure hinges on crisis management. 1Digital Agency doesn’t do that.

They’re strategic, helpful, and consultative, and they must have some driven folks behind the wheel that get juiced whenever they see organic traffic and ranking increases for an online store because they know what they’re doing and they’re good at it.

Either take my word for it or don’t – but if you hire 1DigitalⓇ Agency as your BigCommerce SEO agency, you will not be disappointed.


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