Top Reasons to Invest in Automotive SEO Services


Anyone reading this article who owns or operates an automotive repair shop or a body shop might be thinking it makes no sense to invest in automotive SEO services. We’ll give you this much: on its surface, it doesn’t make sense. You’re right about that.

After all, you can’t service vehicles online. Also, given the reach of the internet in the information age, if you aren’t careful with your SEO investment, you could be reaching potential customers that are so far away they aren’t even really potential customers.

With that in mind, there are some very, very good reasons to invest in automotive SEO services.

1.You’ll reach customers you never thought you could.
The old days of advertising in print on paper are done. Well, to be fair, they aren’t really done, but the landscape is shifting. Now, more shoppers are seeking the web for succor, and despite the fact that they own physical cars, more and more of the media that reaches them will be digital.

This means that you can use SEO to reach customers in your area that you might not reach otherwise. If they don’t look up and notice your billboard, it’ll only be because they were so preoccupied looking down at their phone. Give your shop the ability to come up in the top search results for competitive keywords and you might just score some new customers.

2.You actually can target who you reach, within reason.
If you’ve been abstaining from utilized SEO because you’re worried you’ll be throwing good money after bad, think again. You actually can target locale-specific keywords and regional specific keywords. That makes SEO much more akin to print advertising than many expect.

Except, with SEO, instead of a creative ad popping up in the Google search results, your website listing will. It’s a great way to expand your visibility online.

3.Automotive SEO services can be utilized as a powerful lead generation tool.
An SEO marketing campaign can be a highly useful automotive marketing initiative. Sure, customers can’t service their cars online. No one “buys” a new quarter panel installation from a website.

That being said, customers can find you online and then visit your shop. They can also learn more about your services via your car dealership or other automotive business website and then visit your shop in real life.

You can even get really creative and allow them to sign up for appointments and services online before bringing their cars in. To think, it all started with search engine optimization!

4.It can be a very lucrative digital marketing investment, in terms of cost.
Finally, though SEO best practices take some time to develop (not just for automotive websites, this is standard) they have some of the best returns over the long run, and a lot of potential for growth.

Whatever niche you occupy in the automotive industry, whether as a repair shop or a car dealer, SEO strategies can constitute a significant portion of your online marketing goals with the intent to drive new traffic to your actual, physical location.

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What’s even better than this is that their auto SEO services have served as excellent lead generation tools, focusing on local keywords to get more people in their target markets to come into their shops for service.

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