3 Ways that eCommerce Design and Development Can Improve Your Store


Building a successful eCommerce store that properly communicates your brand and helps to attract customers is the dream of every store owner. The road to get there isn’t always easy, however, as it often requires careful planning, quality products, and the proper degree of professional design and development.

Can a quality eCommerce web design have a positive impact on your business? Absolutely, depending on the goals you are trying to achieve and what your customers are looking for. The design of your website and its functionality play a huge role in how customers view your brand and products.

The following points are worth noting if you are looking for ways to give your online store the boost it needs in order to compete and scale.

Professional Design Leads to a Better User Experience
Possibly one of the most important factors of any website at the moment is the degree of user experience that it provides. Low-quality websites that confuse users aren’t going to result in consistent sales. While it’s easy to take such elements for granted, something as simple as clean navigation or an attractive homepage carousel can wind up helping with bounce rates and conversions.

All of the elements of your website have to be carefully arranged in order to help users navigate your website and find what they are looking for. It should be easy to find certain products on your site, the checkout experience should be secure and professional-looking, and everything should function as expected. Expert eCommerce web designers can help to ensure that the overall user experience of your online store is where it needs to be.

Faster Page Speeds
While page load speeds aren’t everything, they are an important factor to consider when optimizing a website. From the user’s perspective, no one wants to sit and stare at their screen waiting for content to appear. This can result in a quick bounce off of your website, which not only will rob you of a potential sale but will pull down your position in the search results as well.

Google wants to promote websites that are snappy and responsive. This results in a better user experience for shoppers, and higher conversion rates. An eCommerce design agency can help increase your page speeds by optimizing images, removing useless integrations, and making sure your website is optimally configured. Even if you are one of the leading eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, or Magento, page speed can still be a big issue that only a professional team of eCommerce web designers would be able to help you overcome.

Cohesive Branding
One other point to think about is the quality of your branding. Your website needs to be communicating your brand properly, which is how you will resonate with your users and build a following. In most niches, this is how you will stand apart from your competitors and actually gain enough traction to grow.

A professionally implemented eCommerce web design will improve your brand, with the help of high-quality graphical elements and expertly written copy.

These points only skim the surface of the value you stand to gain with the proper eCommerce design and development services. If you are truly interested in improving your online store, you will want to get in touch with the experts at 1Digital®. They are a professional eCommerce web design agency that knows how to build beautiful-looking storefronts on all of today’s leading platforms. Visit their website for more information on the wide range of services they provide!

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