Hiring BigCommerce Developers Is Actually an Investment, Not an Expense


What a lot of eCommerce business owners, managers, and administrators don’t understand is that not every line item should be seen as an expense that by right should be minimized. There are some sorts of relationships that should be fostered.

Case in point: a relationship between the owner/operator of an online store built on BigCommerce and a skilled, certified, or Elite BigCommerce developer.

There are a number of reasons that this is the case. One has to do with the actual time and money saved on development projects, both complex and simple.

BigCommerce is a highly capable platform that currently hosts more than 50,000 online stores around the world. It is renowned for its speed, security, ease of use, customizability, compatibility with a wide range of 3rd party apps and payment gateways, and suitability for online stores.

The BigCommerce platform is secure and intuitive and compatible with a number of different free themes that are fast, mobile, and SEO-optimized, and relatively easy to configure.

With that in mind, no eCommerce platform (or any platform), no matter how complex, is free from potential fault. Making minor adjustments to code or features can cause issues with a website – among many other potential problems.

Now, to be clear, there are a vast number of reasons that an eCommerce website’s owner might have to call on a BigCommerce developer for help. Developers can do nearly everything that needs to be done for a BigCommerce website.

They can solve bugs, minify code, write custom scripts, code custom apps, and integrate those apps with a BigCommerce store. BigCommerce developers can also solve site speed and security errors, develop custom BigCommerce themes and help optimize an eCommerce store to deliver a high-quality mobile shopping user experience for your customers. A BigCommerce partner can also perform a wide range of BigCommerce customizations.

The main reason that hiring a quality BigCommerce developer to eliminate bugs, perform important updates or create custom-designed themes is that it can save money.

Yes, hiring a developer is expensive. At least it can be. But in almost no instance is it more expensive than hiring an entirely new employee to solve those problems in-house.

In addition, a skilled BigCommerce developer can save your expenses going, too. If you, personally, or no one on your team is particularly skilled or experienced as a developer or designer, you’ll expend resources far more inefficiently on projects if you try to complete them in-house.

So, ultimately, a BigCommerce team can boost your website’s shopping experience and save you money in two ways – on the actual cost of a project, and by saving you time in the long run.

But there is something more that needs to be approached. A BigCommerce developer, at least one with a team of in-house consultants, can also serve as a strategic partner.

Many developers also work with eCommerce consultants that can help you uncover, identify, and then solve potential issues before they even arise. So in many ways, working with a BigCommerce partner can really serve as a strategic business alliance rather than as an expense that you should seek to minimize.

This, of course, only holds true when you hire wisely.

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