Just How Important Are eCommerce Product Reviews?


If you’re already familiar with search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media marketing. That’s great; these constitute highly effective, cross-channel, multi-industry digital marketing strategies.

If you’re already familiar with search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media marketing. That’s great; these constitute highly effective, cross-channel, multi-industry digital marketing strategies.

But there is a very simple marketing tool right in front of you that you might not be eCommerce product reviews. 

Effectively free for you to use, eCommerce product reviews are the secret weapon in many highly effective digital marketing specialists’ repertoires.

But how and why are they so effective? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are eCommerce Product Reviews?
No curveballs here; eCommerce product reviews are exactly what they sound like. They are reviews, ratings, or testimonials, typically left behind by customers typically after the point of purchase.

Customer reviews give real-life consumers and actual users a voice and a venue for sharing their opinions of (or experiences with) products or services.

And they can be highly useful – not just for your potential customers, but for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Product Reviews?
1. eCommerce product reviews boost sales and conversion rates
According to a finding published in April 2022, as many as 95% of consumers read online reviews before committing to a purchase. Reviews drive sales, period.

2. Build trust, improve general credibility 
Reviews are sort of like when you ask family or friends for recommendations – except online reviews are more impersonal. Consumers trust others in the same boat that they’re in, and reviews are trustworthy.

Plus, a website with reviews just looks more legitimate than one that doesn’t have any.

3. Engage customers, provide useful user-generated content, educate customers
Reviews give customers a forum to express their experiences and create their own content. Plus, well-written, thoughtful, insightful, positive reviews can teach other would-be buyers about uses, care of your products, and more.

4. Stimulate interest in your products or services 
Good reviews are often the missing piece that cultivates interest in products and services. Also, since they’re not “promotional” in the minds of most buyers, reviews can be highly effective at stimulating interest because they seem honest.

5. Can be used as social proof 
Reviews are often shared because they are humorous or witty, giving them the ability to be considered social proof that will drastically improve your online visibility.

6. User-generated content is more trustworthy
Traditional advertising and marketing materials can be effective but consumers know the purpose is to push products. This makes them, in the eyes of many, biased and generally disreputable. However, user-generated reviews, which come from actual, real-life users, are seen as much more straightforward and honest.

7. Improve customer service 
Even negative reviews have a silver lining for eCommerce businesses. If you hear the same complaints in your customer feedback over and over again, well, you know what you need to address!

8. Give SEO a jumpstart 
Reviews often contain highly competitive keywords and location-based search terms. They also improve the overall content density of your website.

These things can have a marked impact on your SEO, effectively letting your customers work for you!

How Can You Get More eCommerce Product Reviews?
1. Optimize the process for leaving a review; remove barriers 
Customers generally don’t want to work harder or for free. Remember, they’re doing you a favor by leaving you a review; don’t make it hard for them.

Make the process of leaving a review easy on both mobile and desktop devices and consider installing a third-party plug-in that specializes in reviews.

2. Make reviews prominent on the purchase page 
Sometimes customers will leave a review, unprompted – but the best practice is to make the location where reviews appear and where they can be found on the product pages easy to find.

3. Give ‘em a reason! 
Remember, you are asking your clients for a favor after they just paid you money. Consider sending them a perk, like a discount off a future order, or something of that nature, in exchange for a review.

4. Send your customers a follow-up email asking for a review! 
Sometimes customers don’t leave reviews simply because they forget. Send them a follow-up email asking nicely and you may get what you’re looking for.

Keep in the Loop
Looking for creative ways to benefit your eCommerce site and make your customers feel confident in their purchase?

Perhaps eCommerce product reviews are the missing piece you haven’t been leveraging! Hopefully, you found this overview useful.

Stay up-to-date with eCommerce trends and news by visiting Genius eCommerce at GeniusEcommerce.com. They’re your go-to source for all things digital marketing, and we got these tips from them!


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