5 Issues eCommerce PPC Management May Be Able to Solve


In the world of paid advertising in digital marketing, pay-per-click, or PPC marketing, is one of the most effective ways to generate new customers. Launching an eCommerce PPC campaign today can bring in customers as early as tomorrow.

However, just like running anything the “right” way, there are a number of pieces that have to fall into place in order for you to get your money’s worth. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for an ad campaign that doesn’t cover its own costs.

Researching and defining a strategy, determining a list of target keywords and negative keywords you want to exclude, drafting ad copy, optimizing landing pages, and then making adjustments to campaign targeting and performance all go into this.

For these reasons and others, many eCommerce businesses interested in PPC strategies hire an agency for eCommerce PPC management.

Here are some of the more common issues they can help you solve.

1.Bland PPC ad copy
Even without looking at long-term optimization, keyword research and targeting, or anything else, if your ad copy is flat, you may not get clicks.

PPC specialists usually work hand-in-hand with experienced copywriters with years of experience crafting clickbait, catchy slogans, and attractive, enticing, refined copy. Even though that might sound bad, it’s true, and if your ads aren’t generating clicks, it could be that the copy is just gray.

2.High CTR with no conversions to show for it
Let’s say the opposite is true. Your ads are getting a ton of clicks. There are two main reasons this is likely to be the case (or a combination). Either your ad copy is stellar or your targeting is excellent or both.

But, when those clicks don’t turn into sales, you just paid for a free spot at the top of the search engine results pages and got nothing back for it.

High clicks and low conversion rates are the death of PPC advertising strategies and can quickly decimate a marketing budget. An eCommerce PPC management specialist will look at the issue and help find the kink before straightening it out.

3.Landing pages that are not CRO-friendly
Sometimes, for whatever reason, PPC ads, like Google shopping ads, just go to the wrong page. If you click on an ad expecting to buy a dress or a set of silverware and it takes you to the wrong place, you’re probably going to bounce.

That is an extreme scenario, but sometimes the issue is a landing page that doesn’t clearly have the checkout button or link marked. Sometimes a landing page is overwhelming with copy or small images or is unappealing for some other reason. Perhaps it is not a secure page.

These are all issues that hamper conversions and which qualified web developers – who often work under eCommerce PPC management providers – can fix.

4.Poor quality scores
It can be tough to determine the exact reason for a poor quality score, but some of the common causes are targeting the wrong keywords, targeting the wrong audiences, or using flat copy, all of which can hamper click-through rate and ultimately conversions.

Ultimately, an eCommerce PPC management provider can get behind the scenes of your Google Ads Manager and determine the issue, even if it isn’t apparent to you.

5.Low ROI
Low ROI means you’re not getting enough back for what you pay for the overall eCommerce marketing strategy.

Like a poor quality score, pinpointing the issue will take a little digging. However, it’s worth the investment in time and resources, because if you as your PPC account manager, the entire purpose of optimization is to generate as much return for every dollar spent on the project as possible.

eCommerce PPC Management from the Pros
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