Are All BigCommerce Developers The Same?


You signed up for a BigCommerce Pro plan and have read and watched tons of tutorials about setting up a successful online store. You hired someone who claimed to be a BigCommerce developer, and they did a great job at building a nice-looking and functional website. So far, so good.

However, you notice that your website is not attracting as much traffic as you’d like. Moreover, there are features that do not seem to be doing their job, and visitors are leaving your page without converting. It does not matter how much you invest in your website, you find it hard to break even at the end of the month.

This might sound like a horror story for many, but it is unfortunately not uncommon. In fact, more than 90% of websites never receive a single visit from Google searches, let alone conversions or customers.

If you want your BigCommerce website to start doing its job as God intended, you need a specialized BigCommerce developer by your side.

For starters, BigCommerce experts are not your generic website developer that creates websites on Wix for a living. Building an online business requires a lot more than just setting up a pretty blog with a couple of “buy now” buttons on the side.

A BigCommerce developer must understand the ins and outs of this open-source platform, and how its strongest features can be leveraged to the advantage of your specific needs. This will make a huge difference both in the short and long run.

For example, BigCommerce’s extensive customization capabilities can be overwhelming for new users. As you install themes and plugins, your website becomes inadvertently more complex with hundreds or thousands of lines of useless code, making navigation excruciatingly slow.

Additionally, a BigCommerce developer understands how each plugin and piece of code interacts with each other and will design solutions specifically tailored to your needs. In other words, they make sure your website runs efficiently and is optimized for high performance.

While they are not marketers, Bigcommerce developers are generally data-driven individuals who know how to create extremely efficient navigation paths and conversion funnels. Once you explain how your business works, and what you need your audience to do once they land on your website, they instinctively know how to create a natural and intuitive conversion path. They are trained to look for ways of reducing the steps your customers must take in order to convert, they know the best checkout platforms for your specific industry, and how to structure your sitemap so both Google and your customers have a clear idea of how your site works.

Lastly, a BigCommerce developer will know how to implement the visual elements proposed by a professional website designer without sacrificing functionality or user experience. This is done with specialized development tools and deep knowledge of software languages. Think of developers as engineers who will always find a way to create logical solutions for your store.

Once your eCommerce is up and running, you will need a developer to constantly monitor your website, applying relevant updates and fixing bugs to make sure you never experience unnecessary downtime.

In short, you need experts with ample experience developing BigCommerce websites to make sure your online store is completely optimized both for search engines and your audience. If you need to contact an eCommerce agency specialized in offering BigCommerce development and marketing solutions, visit Genius eCommerce and start your path for long-term success.

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