Poorly Qualified Leads Not Converting? A Shopify SEO Agency May Be Able to Help with That


Online stores built on Shopify and Shopify+ aren’t the only ones that experience challenges associated with reaching their customers. To some degree or other, all eCommerce businesses work with these challenges, but there is a unique issue revolving around Shopify SEO that a Shopify SEO agency  might be able to help you rectify.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is very complex. There are many factors at play. However, if your online business is contending with a very specific issue as described above – namely, that your website gets plenty of organic traffic but it does not convert – there are likely two causes, which a Shopify SEO agency can address.

Keyword Research, Search Intent, and Intent to Purchase
It’s not that it’s entirely difficult to get organic traffic to reach an eCommerce website. It takes work, but there are infinite keywords and variations out there. It’s relatively easy to build organic traffic. What’s hard is building qualified organic traffic, and what’s harder is building organic traffic that is likely to convert and actually has a desire for your products.

If your organic traffic figures satisfy you but your visitors aren’t converting, it means that they’re reaching your website through organic channels associated with keywords that are poorly aligned with their search intent or with their intent to purchase.

Keywords that are poorly aligned with search intent are never a wise choice to follow pursuant to your SEO strategy. They will enable your website to populate the search results, and users may find your website, but when search intent is not aligned with the keyword rankings, the likelihood is that users that reached you will bounce. You want to target keywords for which your users are searching – so long as what they find on your website answers the question or fills the need.

Intent to purchase is arguably even more important. Keywords that are aligned with intent to purchase signal a query that is performed prior to buying. A customer will search for a keyword with high intent to purchase when they intend to buy whatever is on the other end of the search results. If the keywords are not well aligned with intent to purchase, you will once more experience growth in organic traffic but not in sales.

A Shopify SEO agency will clear up these loose ends regarding search visibility, intent to purchase, and search intent during keyword research. That way, users won’t simply find you; qualified users will find you.

A Shopify SEO Agency and Landing Page Optimization
Another big factor at play here is another feature of on-page SEO – web design, specifically landing page design. Tons and tons of qualified organic traffic may find your website via organic rankings associated with keywords well-aligned with search intent and intent to purchase. However, if your landing pages are confusing or do not meet customer expectations, they will likely serve up a bounce.

This is one of the key values of a Shopify SEO agency. Shopify SEO experts have significant experience with the eCommerce platform and Shopify websites in general, able to adjust technical SEO features or adjust product pages so that they are optimized for conversions. The last thing you want is to allocate money to a digital marketing budget only to have the efforts be successful in generating traffic only for that traffic to bounce due to poorly optimized landing pages.

Not Just More Organic Traffic; Better Qualified Organic Traffic
An eCommerce SEO company like Genius eCommerce, with years of experience as a Shopify SEO agency, is your best choice to clear up these issues. Their SEO experts will target the most valuable keywords associated with user search intent and intent to purchase and their team can even help with landing page optimization to further assist customers down the sales funnel. Visit their website, GeniusEcommerce.com today to learn more.

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