Does Your Business Need Magento SEO Services?


Magento loves to claim that their open-source eCommerce platform is so easy to use that it does not require much tweaking after you set it up. Don´t get me wrong, they mean well, and you can’t say they aren’t working hard to provide an excellent service and a rock-solid platform with incredible SEO capabilities right out of the box. However, hiring professional Magento SEO services is unavoidable if you want an eCommerce website to experience long-term growth.

Every eCommerce platform requires a high level of technical SEO knowledge for it to have a chance in search results, and Magento is no exception. However, it does offer incredible features that give it an edge when it comes to customization and search engine optimization.

Its open-source nature allows power users to tweak aspects of their Magento websites in ways that would be impossible to implement in most other platforms. Technical SEO aspects such as load speeds, URL structure, and hosting preferences, should always be left in the hands of an experienced Magento SEO services provider.

For example, choosing the right hosting provider is something that requires a bit of knowledge of servers and programming languages. While Magento can run on most commercial servers dedicated to eCommerce or business activities, it is better to install it on a Magento-optimized hosting platform. Some of its most powerful optimization features need a server that is Varnish and Redis ready for them to run.

Additionally, there are known problems with the way Magento deals with content rendering. When working with Magento, you need to always pay attention to how it loads your content using JavaScript. Page loading happens in two phases. The first is a regular HTML load phase which allows for faster loading times. The second is a JavaScript load phase you need to pay close attention to. When Google is crawling your site, it sometimes fails to read the second load, which means that your content or images are not being taken into account for SEO or ranking purposes.

One other important factor is redirects. Magento does a great job at creating global redirects that allow people to find your site if they forget to type the “www” or the “HTTPS” methods. Nothing wrong with that, but the default setting creates 302 redirects for these, instead of the more accurate 301s.

302s tell Google that the page has been temporarily moved to a new URL. Google takes these as a signal that they must come back later on and start indexing the site again. 301 redirects give Google an unequivocal sign that the destination page has been permanently moved to a URL, meaning that it does not have to come back and check.

A Magento SEO services provider can check for these small problems as they arise. Especially when you need to customize your website to adjust it to your unique needs. As mentioned above, Magento´s open-source nature allows for unprecedented levels of customization but requires extreme attention to detail if you´re after a highly optimized website that helps you dominate your niche. Every small change or additional feature must take all other design elements into account so they all work together in perfect harmony.

If you want to start your online business and want to come out swinging, or already have a Magento website but can’t figure out how to reach top positions for the keywords you are targeting, you need professional Magento SEO services with a proven record of success. Visit Genius eCommerce today and find out more about our professional digital marketing services.

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