How a Shopify SEO Agency Can Help You Improve Your Conversion Rate


A Shopify SEO agency is one of the best allies you can have in improving your online store’s SEO and increasing your conversions.

As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve and the eCommerce industry increasingly becomes competitive, it’s more important than ever to incorporate user experience as part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

User experience directly affects your conversions. It’s not enough to just drive organic traffic to your site to get visitors to convert or buy, add to cart, and all other actions that you want visitors to do. High traffic doesn’t always mean a high conversion rate. For both, you need SEO and Shopify SEO experts can deliver them.

If you’re doing your own digital marketing to drive traffic to your eCommerce store but have yet to see an increase in conversions, it’s time to get the help of the experts. Continue reading to find out how technical SEO and other Shopify SEO services that are driven toward user experience can help.

Page Load Time
Page load speed is, without a doubt, one of the most important ranking signals in all of search engine optimization. Page and site abandonment is heavily influenced by loading time. People are more inclined to abandon a website that takes too long to load.

It’s critical to assess how well your site is doing and determine the areas where you can improve.

Because load time is so important to the user’s experience, Google began ranking sites based on it. So when you optimize your site to reduce the load time, you’ll also rank higher in search results.

Site Architecture
Site architecture refers to the hierarchical structure of the website. It comprises the page structure where visitors to your site locate content. It also deals with the technical aspects of a Shopify web that allow search engine bots to crawl and index the pages.

With a good web structure, users and search engine crawlers can easily navigate your site. It assists users in determining where they are in relation to the entire site’s content. It also makes it easier for search engine bots to find and display your Shopify websites on search pages.

To improve your site’s architecture, an SEO expert will make sure you have an SEO-friendly URL structure, leverage a site map, optimize anchor texts, improve navigation on your site and delete duplicate content.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is important because it helps you identify keywords that relate to your brand. By researching for and picking the most relevant keywords for your business, you can create opportunities to rank well in search engines for that particular keyphrases.

Taking this a step further, including long-tail keywords in your point of focus will help your company increase conversions.

Long-tail keywords are more precise and typically longer than more general and broad topic keywords. Long-tail keywords have less organic search volume but, because they are more precise, they typically have a greater conversion value.

Long-tail keywords enable you to progressively increase traffic to your site while also allowing you to reach out to new audiences.

Content Marketing
Relevant and helpful content enhances the user experience. An SEO specialist can help you generate content that is relevant to your audience. If your content is helpful to your audience and understands their consumption habits, there’s a good chance they’ll do business with you.

Consumers who are digitally connected today expect to be spoken to personally and are much more inclined to think positively of a company that has addressed their inquiries or handled their difficulties. This can be accomplished by creating relevant material.

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