How Can Shopify Plus Developers Support Digital Marketing?


In the minds of most eCommerce entrepreneurs, web development is not expressly a tool to support digital marketing. More people with Shopify websites, for instance, probably keep a Shopify Plus developer on retainer or speed dial to make quick fixes to a website or for those odd, one-off larger projects such as web redesigns.

But there’s much more that Shopify Plus developers can do, specifically to support digital marketing initiatives such as SEO and PPC. Here are some of the most important among them.

Eliminating Technical Errors and Bugs That Harm Your Website’s Rankings
First and foremost, the main echelon that developers fill – for fixing bugs and errors – is directly tied to SEO.

Site speed, broken links, site security, excess code, and site structure are all important technical SEO ranking factors. A Shopify Plus developer can help optimize your website for all of them.

Landing Page Development and Optimization
Think of landing pages as funnels for the customer journey. Landing pages should flow together in the manner that is best suited to help customers connect the dots, find what they are looking for, and convert.

With respect to PPC specifically, it’s critical that the page an ad leads to is well-aligned with customer expectations set by the copy in the ad. If it isn’t, the ad may generate a lot of clicks but the pages will not convert – resulting in low-quality scores for your ads and high ad expenses due to all those clicks.

A Shopify Plus developer can not only adjust and optimize your website’s existing pages – the team of developers can also make brand new pages, as needed, to support your website’s digital marketing initiatives, specifically PPC.

General Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion rate optimization, better known as CRO, is the sum of practices that are intended to make a website fully optimized to facilitate a customer journey that ends in conversion, whatever that goal is for the website.

It could be improving the collections of product pages nested in categories; it could be improving site speed; it could simply entail rebranding efforts for a website – but all the same, each of these factors, insomuch as they influence conversions, could be involved with CRO.

Much of CRO is technical and involves designing and developing pages to improve the customer experience. That’s precisely where a team of eCommerce developers really shines.

Improving the Customer Experience with Proprietary Apps
While the Shopify platform is readily compatible with a wide range of third-party and Shopify apps through the Shopify App Store, some eCommerce businesses need a little something more.

Shopify developers really show their value when custom and cookie-cutter apps are not well suited to growing your business. Whether you need to offer a unique online tool to help customers visualize furniture in their store, or help them generate quotes for used technology, and quick, a dedicated Shopify Plus agency with skilled developers can code a custom app for you. Plus, thanks to the relatively open Shopify Plus API, integration is more straightforward than with more complex platforms.

Integrating New Payment Gateways to Convert More Leads
A Shopify Plus partner can also improve the overall user experience that your website offers, in many different ways.

Shopify Plus specialists can code custom Shopify scripts for proprietary apps and features. They can design and then develop custom Shopify themes to improve the customer experience. They can rebrand your website with a full-scale web design project – and much more.

In essence, a Shopify Plus partner can help you clear any obstacles standing between your vision and the ideal, high-quality Shopify store poised for high growth.

Partner with the Best Shopify Plus Developers in the Industry
Shopify Plus merchants do well to partner with a strategy Shopify Plus agency to help them conquer obstacles and meet challenges head-on. 1DigitalⓇ Agency is that agency. For ten years, 1DigitalⓇ Agency has partnered with countless eCommerce businesses built on Shopify Plus and has developed and launched innumerable Shopify Plus stores. For many of them, 1DigitalⓇ Agency has also authored successful eCommerce SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing campaigns, which they, as a Shopify Plus development agency, were uniquely positioned to manage.

Visit their website,, or get in touch with them directly at 888-982-8269 to learn more about how they can help you grow your business.


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