6 Ways a BigCommerce Developer Can Improve Your UX and Digital Marketing


Few other initiatives make such a pronounced impact on digital marketing and user experience than eCommerce development.

There may be over 50,000 active BigCommerce websites online right now – which is a testament to the platform’s utility and usability – but no platform is perfect, and there are times when you can’t do better than to work with the professionals.

Instead of tackling that development project yourself, consider this. Here are six specific ways that a BigCommerce developer can improve not only UX but also your digital marketing strategies.

1. Improving site speed
Most users will bounce off a BigCommerce store (or any online store) if the page doesn’t load within 3 seconds. A development agency – specifically a BigCommerce development team – can remove excess code, improve site structure and boost site speed, all of which will improve the user experience.

2. Improving site navigation
BigCommerce does automatically generate and update a sitemap for your website, but that does not mean that it can’t be improved for usability, especially for very large or complex websites.

BigCommerce websites with thousands of products (or even more) benefit greatly from search functionality with filtering, advanced mega menus, and navigable tiles that facilitate the customer journey.

3. Developing a custom theme
There are plenty of high-quality, free BigCommerce themes, many of which are optimized for SEO – but BigCommerce development experts can create custom themes for your website that speak directly to the value of your brand – and you’d better believe that’s a huge bonus for UX.

4. Creating custom apps to boost the customer experience
The BigCommerce platform’s API is largely open, making API integration a cinch for most payment gateways and other popular apps designed for eCommerce stores, as well as with social media widgets.

However, there are times when vanilla just won’t cut it and you need a custom app. An experienced web developer will excel at this, coding a unique app that meets the needs of your target market.

5. Creating specially targeted landing pages for PPC
PPC optimized pages are critical to the success of a PPC campaign, and since you pay for every click, you’ll want as many as possible of them to convert.

But ad copy and targeting are only a part of the plan. Your landing pages need to be optimized to meet customer expectations right out of the gate, otherwise, you’ll be staring down plenty of clicks with no conversions to show for it.

A BigCommerce development company can do basically anything necessary – ranging from simple projects like shuffling the contents of a web page around, to more complex ones entailing the creation of entirely new pages from scratch.

6. Developing CRO and SEO optimized pages
Page structure and on-page content are central to search engine optimization for all eCommerce websites. Regardless of the eCommerce platform, the same best practices apply across the board.

Website development specialists can often take an in-depth look at web pages, auditing them for optimization before making fine tweaks to boost their overall optimization score to bring in additional organic traffic.

Partner with Elite BigCommerce Developers and Never Look Back
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Of course, it’s worth mentioning that they have also designed, developed, and launched countless BigCommerce websites in their time.

If you need to design, redesign or develop a brand new BigCommerce website – in any eCommerce industry – you can hardly make a better choice in a strategic BigCommerce developer.

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