6 Impressive Advantages of Hiring an eCommerce Agency


The internet is an ever-evolving space that can be especially difficult to keep up with. Trends are changing daily, social media networks become more and less popular, keywords and search terms work and then the same ones get your eCommerce business’s website penalized– it’s a lot to get a handle on.

That is why so many businesses are opting for an eCommerce agency to take the reins on their online presence. Here are just six of the impressive advantages of doing so.

1. Create and Manage a Successful eCommerce PPC Campaign
PPC marketing, which stands for pay-per-click advertising, is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience on the internet today. This is because meticulously created PPC ads specifically target your ideal audience based on various metrics: demographics, age, gender, location, and more.

That means that you are not going to be targeting the opposite of the clients you are looking for. And why is that such a huge advantage? Less time and money spent on useless or poorly performing PPC advertising campaigns.

Not only will they create and set these campaigns into place, but they will also monitor them closely. Having an eCommerce PPC management team tackling all the pitfalls, reading the numbers, and improving ad copy and return on ad spend as they go along (among many other tasks) is quite the benefit, if you ask us!

2. Create Other Marketing Campaigns
Working with a reputable eCommerce agency doesn’t mean that they’ll solely provide you with PPC marketing. They are likely to be proficient in other marketing campaigns, like social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and plenty more! You can then work with them to delegate which one (or more) would be right for you and your business– and they can get to putting them into action.

3. Unique and Well-Written Content
One of the most important aspects of any successful website is its content. Can you imagine a website catching your eye if it didn’t have any photos, videos, or words on it? Likely not, as that would likely just be a site with shapes and colors. A digital marketing agency can get that done for you.

They can create well-written blogs, place high-quality images just so, integrate informational videos, write converting pages of all kinds, create attractive and enticing social media posts, and so much more!

4. Monitor Your Analytics
There are a ton of analytics that you need to pay attention to. Impressions, conversions, bounce rates, time on page, and so much more. An eCommerce SEO agency can look at these analytics, read them with proficiency, and apply them.

The end result? A successful website that you will be proud to own– and likely often see on the first page of Google search results!

5. Know (and Implement) Profitable SEO Tactics
SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most fickle strategies in the digital world today. What worked yesterday likely won’t work today– and what works today probably won’t work tomorrow. It’s constantly evolving and it’s hard for most people to keep up with it.

For experts in a digital marketing company, they make it their life’s work to understand these changes, recognize them early on, and take advantage of them while everyone else isn’t.

6. They Focus on Your Marketing So You Can Focus on Everything Else
To be honest, you made a business decision that focuses on what you are passionate about. Whether you are creating custom fashion accessories and garments or connecting plumbers with the most high-quality parts and fixtures, you want to focus on that– your brand and its vision. You don’t really want to be putting time and effort into something that isn’t focused on that like marketing, do you?

Probably not. Save your precious time and energy for your business and let the experts handle the digital marketing side of things. If you’re after the top tier eCommerce PPC management company that checked all of the boxes mentioned above and then some, put your faith in no one else other than 1Digital® Agency. Give them a call today to lift your business to new heights at 888-982-8269! Higher click-through rates and conversion rates are on the horizon!


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