The Best eCommerce SEO Company in 2022 for Local Businesses


Improving your keyword rankings is one of the most important marketing hurdles any eCommerce store has to face. If you really want to become a dominant force in your niche, search engine optimization is a must.

Finding the best eCommerce SEO company for the job can be a little daunting however. With dozens of SEO agencies professing to deliver great results, how can you be sure as a business owner that you are making the right choice?

Here we will dive into our pick for the best eCommerce marketing agency of 2022 and why you need to start a local SEO strategy sooner rather than later.

The Best eCommerce SEO Companies of 2022
If you do a search for eCommerce SEO agencies, you’re going to come up with a mind-boggling array of choices. It’s worth noting that SEO services can vary substantially from one agency to another – some only work on the technical side of things and ignore content, while others don’t really put together a comprehensive strategy at all.

Here’s our choice for the best eCommerce SEO company of 2022 that is really worth your time:

1DigitalⓇ: This should go without saying, but with a decade of experience and plenty of client case studies to back up their results, 1DigitalⓇ stands as the first choice for anyone serious about improving their Google ranking, Google My Business listings, and overall presence on the web.

What really sets 1DigitalⓇ apart is that they focus strictly on eCommerce businesses. They have a tried and true link-building strategy for improving website traffic and brand visibility, while also taking into consideration other important metrics like time on page and conversion rate.

For eCommerce stores looking for SEO services from a verified Shopify or BigCommerce partner, you’re in good hands with 1DigitalⓇ and their team of marketing wizards. Organic traffic, technical SEO, content writing: they do it all, and they do it well.

Increasing Traffic with a Local SEO Strategy
For online stores that have a brick and mortar counterpart, a local SEO campaign is more important than you think. However most eCommerce SEO agencies don’t have the expertise necessary to implement this kind of strategy, which takes in depth keyword research and a rich understanding of local markets.

Here are some of the primary benefits of eCommerce SEO services for local businesses:

-Brand visibility on Google maps
-Traffic that has a higher chance of visiting your brick-and-mortar locations
-Higher customer satisfaction as content will be tailored to your customer base
-Best way to out rank your competition without paying for ads
-Long term approach to building a solid eCommerce brand
-Customers will see you as a legitimate business if you rank higher on page 1 locally

Only a skilled eCommerce SEO company can deliver these kinds of results however. Effective marketing strategies for local businesses require a higher degree of research and execution to pull off.

The Right eCommerce SEO Company For Your Store
You don’t have to waste time wondering which SEO agency is right for you. The best eCommerce marketing company that specializes in SEO would have to be 1DigitalⓇ.

Not sure about how to get started with SEO? Simply visit and request a free SEO audit. Their team of experts will be able to analyze your website and current SEO strategy and will offer sound recommendations on the best course of action that will actually get you results.

In 2022 it’s not enough to just “do marketing.” You need a comprehensive strategy, and that means hiring the best eCommerce SEO company for the job.

For more information about Bigcommerce Developers and Bigcommerce SEO Services Please visit: 1Digital Agency.


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